किरण बेदी,  अगर एक जूता खो जाये : Learn Hindi with subtitles – Story for Children “BookBox.Com”

किरण बेदी, अगर एक जूता खो जाये : Learn Hindi with subtitles – Story for Children “BookBox.Com”

January 27, 2020 100 By Kailee Schamberger

How to Lose a Shoe As the train arrived, I ran to the nearest
women’s compartment. I wriggled my way through
the crowd and found myself a place
to stand in. I had to travel
a lot in those days as I played
competitive tennis. As the train began to pull
out of the station, I looked around and realized that some of the women
passengers were staring aggressively at me. All of a sudden, one of them
sprang up from her seat and whacked me with her umbrella. That was like a signal
for all the other women. They all pressed around me
and began to beat me with whatever they carried, shouting, “These dirty boys
will stop at nothing.” In that chaos, I realised that they had mistaken me for a boy The reason for their assumption
dawned upon me I was dressed in slacks,
a loose shirt and shoes. My short haircut
did not help me either. I was pushed and dragged
towards the door. I kept shouting,
“Please believe me, I am a girl.” But no one even bothered to hear what I said. I was brought right to
the edge of the door. While clinging onto
the door bars desperately one of my shoes slipped
off my foot and fell
on the tracks. I held on to the bars
for dear life
while being pushed and let my second shoe
also fall. I did this so that whoever
got my first shoe would now find a pair. Of course, I did manage
to hang on till
the next station and then let myself fall
on the platform. I remember when I fell, the hard concrete felt
really comforting after all that pushing
and pulling. Several months after
this episode, I read that Gandhiji had also done
something similar. While travelling on a train, one of his slippers
had fallen off, so he promptly
threw down the other. When he got off the train, he walked smiling to greet
his hosts, oblivious of the fact
that he was barefoot. When his friends noticed
and asked how he had lost
both his slippers, he narrated the incident
and said, “I am happy someone will be able
to use them.”