Alfresco Records Management:  Create a record folder

Alfresco Records Management: Create a record folder

August 18, 2019 1 By Kailee Schamberger

Record folders are where you store records in the File Plan. To add a record folder navigate to the category where you want to add a folder, and then click New Folder. In the New Record Folder box, enter the details of the new record folder. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. First enter the name for the record folder and then enter the title. A unique identifier for the record folder is generated automatically. You can change this now but you can’t edit it once the folder’s been created. If relevant, you can also specify a physical location of records contained in this folder. If your Alfresco administrator has set up any supplemental markings then these will also be available for selection. If required, you can select the vital record indicator option. This defines whether records in this folder have a review process. If you do select this option it will override any vital record indicator set in the category. Whether you select this or not, you can also select a review period. When you’re done, click Save. And the new folder is now shown in the File Plan.