Alfresco Records Management:  File an unfiled record

Alfresco Records Management: File an unfiled record

August 17, 2019 0 By Kailee Schamberger

Filing records is the process of classifying records and putting them into the correct location in the File Plan. There are three ways that you can create records, You can create a record by uploading files, You can create a non-electronic record that references a physical record such as a paper record or microfilm, and you can select an item in another Alfresco, non-Records Management site and declare it as a record. In the record folder where you want to file a record, click File. Click Electronic to file an electronic record. Now, you can either click Select Records to File and find the file that you want to upload, or you can drag and drop files directly from your computer onto the Select Records to File box. You can also select multiple items in the standard multi-select way. New records display in the File Plan as incomplete records. You need to make sure that all required metadata is added before you can set records to complete.