Alfresco Records Management:  Process a record

Alfresco Records Management: Process a record

August 11, 2019 1 By Kailee Schamberger

If a disposition step is complete then additional options are available for folders or records, dependant on whether the disposition schedule is set to folder or records level. Although disposition steps normally take place over a number of years in this video we’ll show them happening immediately. Hover over a record in the File Plan and click More and you’ll see that a Cutoff action is available. Click Cutoff to begin the records retention period. An icon indicates that the record has now been cut off. If you click More again you’ll see that you also have the option to undo the cut off. The action option now changes to Destroy the final step in the schedule. Click Destroy then click OK to confirm that you want to destroy the record. Click OK again, and the record will be permanently deleted. The thumbnail of the record is removed and a new icon indicates that the records has been destroyed. You’ll see most of the record options have now been removed and if you click on the record you’ll see that record content has been removed from the Record Management system.