ATEEZ(에이티즈) ANEWZ #4

February 21, 2020 0 By Kailee Schamberger

ANEWZ Special episode
Found out the exclusive news at the waiting room for “WONDERLAND”! Let me see Seong Hwa Hello 🙂 (Gentle) I’m looking for some exclusive news, do you have any? I think your hair! Anchor Jeong is trying hard to find an exclusive news It’s the last show today…(?) Please don’t close up (Firm) Okay… (Embarrassed) I found out something special now! (Eureka) It’s his face The exclusive news! ‘Anchor Jeong Yun Ho! Seong Hwa’s face is the exclusive news…!’ Seong Hwa, is that real hair?! It’s my hair 🙂 (Gentle) Whenever I have a stage…! Oh!!!!(???) My hair gets longer ????????? Anchor Jeong appeared with his own BGM (Mom, I’m on TV!!!) We send ATEEZ’s small Interview Ah! What a small interview! Let’s begin now Mom, I’m on TV! You said your hair gets longer when you include a shout! Park Seong Hwa / 22 years old
Specialty: He can make his hair gets longer if hi includes a shout Whenever I had a stage… My hair color was changed if I give a shout! If you say so! Can you do the other thing? Of course, I can! (Calm) Oh, really? But I can’t show you now (Calm) Because I gave a shout already! I can do only once a day! Ah! If you have a shout already! You mean it will be changed tomorrow, right? Only for 24 hours And my student came here! (??) Haahh! ????? Kang Yeo Sang / 21 years old
Specialty: A student learnt from teacher Seong Hwa
How do you give a shout, Yeo Sang? Me? It’s not a shout…! You know what I taught you, remember? Um~~~ That’s right (Satisfied) (LOL) Ah…! I want to learn once! (No soul) Who is this? He can change his back hair color! LOL He can change his hair color? Do you know him? I don’t know him (Firm) I don’t know him neither! Choi San / 21 years old
Specialty: Lying on a stranger’s lap He’s lying on me for a few hours, but I don’t know what’s wrong with him It feels like someone leans on my shoulder in the subway! (Moving) Oh, oh Can you see his back hair? He can change his back hair color every day San, are you available to get an interview? Cough, cough (I’m) He’s letting him know the possibility with his whole body (?) You talked something with Min Gi earlier… What did you talk about? REWIND ▶▶▶ (A few minutes before he was trying to find an exclusive)
What are you doing, San? I’m looking for an exclusive news I think you would be the exclusive right now! Let me film you! (Passion) I was playing with Min Gi! Huh? What do you mean? (The smell of a scoop) Min Gi wore these gloves… (Showing off) Okay…(?!) I was playing with Min Gi… With Min Gi… Can you please play with Min Gi for a while? Okay, it’s a scoop!! (Finally!) He’s saying that he was talking with Min Gi Even if Min Gi is not here Baby~~ (Look here, Min Gi~) LOL (Feels embarrassed slowly) (Turning over a new leaf) Sweetie~ (What do you want to play, Min Gi?) Keep going! I will just film what you’re doing (LOL) Please talk with Min Gi! A scoop! ‘Choi San, he tries to talk with Min Gi who is not here’ Baby~ Did you eat something? (So kind) …. Huh? Did you eat~? San is concentrating to talk with Min Gi I will let Min Gi sleep again How? I can just put him in! (Clear) [He is back to get an interview]
Park Seong Hwa / 22 years old
Specialty 1: He can make his hair longer with a shout
Specialty 2: Translating strangers’ words Seong Hwa, try to change on the other side of your hair… You can’t see this hair from now on (Sad) Why!? (Surprised) Because it’s our last show today…………. So I will have a stage with this! Make a pledge if you can’t keep the promise If you can’t do it on live show, you film and upload your cute actions… Or be a guest for ANEWZ! Oh, cool. I will be a guest for ANEWZ! Isn’t it good for you? (Sharp) It’s a good thing! Please come along if you want to let us know more! It’s an honor if I can join you! (Proud) Anchor Jeong found the guest and the exclusive news I found the scoop until now I feel very sad as it’s our last show I have a member who can make his hair longer and a member who can change something I was very happy to work with these members for our full album Shall we say together? We always say this Then! We’re Protein! Iron! Calcium! Vitamin! Thank you! Woo Young appeared all of a sudden Arrrhhhh!!! (Smile) How much do you weight? What do you mean? X2 (Embarrassed) I’m holding the earth…!! (His embarrassed back) No, it’s as light as a feather! (Smile) It’s a scoop! LOL Scoop… haha Is this ANEWZ as usual? I expected a lot!! Can you be our guest? Please call me once I study very hard today Practice my pronunciation Anchor Jeong is practicing his pronunciation on the corner I’m practicing my pronunciation right now San wants to try out of blue You don’t have to make any mistake! It’s a blooper if make a mistake! (San is disappearing after succeeding his challenge) Great anchor who tries hard to practice I’m very good at pronunciation! I’m very good at pronunciation! I’m very good at pronunciation (Learning quickly) You can order me anything! (Confident) You can order me anything! Okay! Moist chocolate cookie! !?!? LOL You promised to come for ANEWZ as a guest next time, Woo Young, okay? Promise! Promise me~ (Cute and lovely) Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers Anchor Jeong is watching a video of Jang Sung Kyu after practicing He looks very relaxed when he talks something I want…. Like this! I think it’s a very good thing to experience others’ jobs Idea bank all of sudden I feel his pronunciation is correct when I film videos A surprised gift for anchor Jeong who is worried about his pronunciation! I met the senior of anchor when I film ‘BAN BAN SHOW’ I came to say hello! Hello Oh~ Yun Ho, Yun Ho A living legend of Walkman! Mr. Jang Sung Kyu!! (Can’t hide his affection)
I enjoy to watch yours usually. I’m the subscriber I heard you take care of me a lot! I and my members are your fans Thank you so much Is this ANEWZ? Hello, ANEWZ! It’s Jang Sung Kyu who supports ATEEZ with my heart Nice to see you!!! We have TMI NEWS for ATINY! (When you lead news) Do you have any know-how?! Can you tell us? (Writing something so hard)
Yun Ho has really good diction and has the skill to deliver We acted together, right? I saw him when he read his script, he was good at breathing (The heart of a fan)
I felt he could be an actor! Actually, I feel sorry to say something like ‘You should do it! (Being deeply ashamed of himself) If you show me how to say hello and how to make the opening part Let me show you (Serious) The pose is a bit… rude (Anchor Jeong is showing the perfect opening) It’s so nice! (Honest) I really like this! (Touched) Anchor has to try to feel the situation and happening with the body and heart But I think the basic is to be neutral as an anchor Don’t have to be on one side! You might have your own thought in your mind sometimes But it looks obvious even you don’t intend it Mr. Jang Sung Kyu is letting him know the most important thing as an anchor Poker face! It’s important to show the emotion and deliver the news Listening to people well and telling the fact in neutral The situation, let me report this as I think I’m a reporter 5 minutes have left now. What do you need to clear urgently in 5 minutes? (Anchor Jeong is explaining the situation calmly)
I think the most urgent thing is a lot of people Because a lot of fans have to come in But I don’t think it’s working well (Being deeply ashamed of himself) That’s enough. I declare you as an anchor Thank you so much You completed all missions I’m so nervous There is nothing to teach you If Yun Ho shows the way he is, that’s the great anchor I really support Yun Ho! ANEWZ and ATINY! I love you Please take care of ATEEZ a lot! (A shy heart)
I love you, Sung Kyu Let’s meet again for sure!!