ATEEZ(에이티즈) log_logbook#41

February 29, 2020 0 By Kailee Schamberger

17. 01. 2020
In the waiting room of the fan signing event Don’t die, Woo Young! Woo Young~~ Oh, it’s your belly! Woo Young~~ Hello! This is a cushion that I’ve bought lately It’s so comfortable when I lie down like this Woo Young, you’re so handsome~ Can I hit your forehead? Nope! Can I hit your belly? Nope! If you open here, chocolates come out! (I hope there are…) Are there some? Woo Young’s chocolate! There are chocolates here! 6 chocolates! There are 6 of Fe**** chocolates! Here~! There are chocolates here! And here! You know~ The falls that split! What is the name of the falls that split!? Niagara~ There is the Niagara Falls here! And! Here! (Thinking…) The curve of Mount Everest There is the curve of Mount Everest here! And! There is a knife that can cut anything here as well! Good~! Okay! So far, it was my self-introduction! ATEEZ’s joyful fan signing event! Thank you so much We’ve been promoting for 2 weeks already We are going to continue to put all of our efforts on the stage Thank you so much even for today 18. 01. 2020
In the waiting room of Music Core 31. 01. 2020
In the waiting room of Music Bank (The situation comedy starts) Hello! I’m Min Gi of the Special Forces We’re now preparing to transfer the ship We have not much time We have to take a ship and go for a one-way trip as soon as possible We never come back I hurt my eyes I hurt my eyes while having a war We… Our team…! ATEEZ which is my unit! Put the mark A…! I’m going for a trip with my team members We have to go now!!! Ta-da~ We’ve recorded the stage of WIN for the first time It’s going to be aired later I think the staffs set the pre-recording so nicely I’m so happy Our fans would see WIN stage in live at the concert for the first time Please look forward to it I can’t say properly lol 01.02. 2020
In the waiting room of Music Core Today is more…! It’s a cooler concept today! It’s talking down mode today! You know I’ve leant the word ‘talking down’! Talking down mode! Many people use this word a lot~ It’s such an insider’s word~ Do you know what’s TD mode? Talking down mode! Talking down mode! It calls TD mode~ But since ATINY is very precious to me~ So I’m going to talk formally to ATINY~ I have to talk formally~ The reason why I talk formally is simple! Sometimes! I sometimes talk down when I’m uplifted But the reason why I try to talk formally is Because I want to express how much precious the person is It can be comfortable if I talk down I might talk in a wrong way if I feel comfortable That’s why I’m always trying to talk formally! I love you! 01.02. 2020
Near MBC Tell us about the combination of members today Woo San Seong! It’s Woo San Hwa We made the name last time! It’s Woo San Hwa! We let you join to our group once~! The flower on an umbrella! Woo San Hwa! Oh, that’s right! It’s the flower on an umbrella! Join and leave at the right timing! (Joke) Are you happy to join us? Sorry? What did you say? (Joke) Are you happy to join us?! (Pretending he didn’t hear that) Pardon? (Joke) Are you happy to join? (Bright) Yes! I’m happy! That’s all good~ Anyway, I’m so happy that I could eat something with Woo Young and San! What should we have?! We…! The one we love! Nak-gop-sae! #Video was recorded under the permission of the restaurant
The food is ready Woo Young’s way to eat Nak-gop-sae Put seaweed laver in it! We refilled seaweed laver 4 times! We asked the owner… And then put the soup! It’s done! Sorry(to the restaurant owner)! But the seaweed laver is so nice Why don’t you believe me? Why did you put so little Oh, I’m going to try it now~ I’m on a diet nowadays! I’m losing weight at the moment~ I’m on a diet ~ Oh~ I just have 3 meals a day! Only 3 meals~ I had 5 meals a day usually I have a meal a day! Really? I can’t do it! It’s a bit hard to have just one meal a day It’s not that hard if you get used to it I don’t eat even a meal properly! You should eat! I can’t eat that much ha ha Also not haveing more than 2 bowls of rice for a meal I usually had 3 bowls of rice! I think you can’t keep the rule today! You sweat a lot, that’s why you lose weight. So it’s okay! And don’t eat more than 2 instant noodles at once Only one…! I’m the opposite! Eat 2 bowls of rice Eat more than 2 instant noodles I eat like that always! I think you got rained on today! Sorry? I went out and suddenly it was rainy Seong Hwa now (Suddenly) Seong Hwa! Please tell the story of your brother!! My older brother… I took a selfie and sent it to my brother And he said Oh! Good! Seong Hwa, you filmed outdoors! You worked hard! (Worrying about younger brother) Take your umbrella with you! So I took a photo of San and sent him Bro! San got rained on too! LOL San got rained on too x2 LOL I got rained on too! Let’s enjoy the food then~! Fried prawn! We’ll enjoy it! Oh~ I enjoyed it~! It was good! Thank you, San! Did you enjoy~? I enjoyed it! Are you full~? It was such a proper meal Won’t have ice cream with 31 flavors for dessert? Cool! Are you going to have all the 31 flavors? Let’s go! 01.02. 2020
In front of the waiting room of Music Core Hello, everyone~ now I’m Today…! My outfit is quite different, right? This outfit isn’t for Answer! (Shy) I’m in charge of the special MC in Music Core for the first time today! I had the table-read Actually…! I pretended like I wasn’t nervous, but I’m I feel nervous because it’s a live show… And! The thing I feel a bit sad today is~! ATINY couldn’t attend today There is no audience I have to act like… shamelessly I might be embarrassed because this is my first time I need ATINY’s supports… Anyway! I’m going to try to do my best Please cheer me up a lot, ATINY! Well… Please keep watching Hong Joong’s first challenge for MC! MC Hong is practicing the script
Let’s start the live text voting! This is the point! SHOW! Core of Music of South Korea! Show! Music Core Please look forward to the next week~ Show show show~! Bye~ (Nervous x100) My first special MC of Music Core has finished It was a very nice opportunity If we have a chance later, I hope all of our members do it once Although ATINY couldn’t come to watch it I hope you enjoyed it while watching it on TV I may not be good enough, but please understand that So far! It was the special MC of Show! Music Core, Hong Joong 01.02. 2020
In the waiting room of Music Core Today I wore a dandy suit One of my favorites is to wear neckties! Told the stylist that I want to wear a tie whenever wearing these kinds of outfits So I wore a tie today! I think I finished the stage well I’m so happy with that~ But the thing I feel sad is This week is the last week But I felt sad because the fans couldn’t attend the recordings We really tried our best on the stage, so please check it out through videos! 02.02. 2020
In the waiting room of Inkigayo Hello, ATINY~ It’s Seong Hwa We finished the shooting for Inkigayo and we’re waiting for the ending stage! It was the last recording for Answer, but I feel bad as we couldn’t record with ATINY So I’m tearing up like this (Sad) I’m tearing up However, we’ve tried our best today Please look forward to ATEEZ’s Answer stage which will be aired on TV later Our last music show! We’ve finished the music show promotion for Answer! But! But our journey hasn’t finished yet! Please make sure of that! Let’s go again! To the beginning that the ending is waiting! Alright, please say how you feel about the last show! (King of promoting) 8th of February, 9th of February~ (Cool Guy) Fighting! He’s cool~ The last show of Inkigayo~ I really enjoyed working with it That’s right! ATINY! Please stay healthy! You have to wear a mask as always Oh, right! How many hearts we made on the last show! Please count those and leave comments! (All of sudden!) For those who leave comments with the number that multiply the number of hearts and winks! Park Seong Hwa will show his cute act! Okay! Let us show you a sample! Okay, up to here~ Okay! No more! For your heart~ Those who get the right answer…! 13 times! 13 times! If you get the right answer…! 13 times! x2 If you get the right answer…! We will give Seong Hwa’s unlimited cute act! Bye!