DICA  | Como evitar um dos principais PROBLEMAS das impressoras EPSON

DICA | Como evitar um dos principais PROBLEMAS das impressoras EPSON

January 14, 2020 1 By Kailee Schamberger

Hi, guys all right? I don’t know whether you know about the history of PaintColor but by 2020 will complete 18 years I’ll tell you a little about the experiences
I had with the printer to avoid mistakes Many people, many customers come up with the printers in our store and, say that
the printer doesn’t pull the paper, but what can happen when she doesn’t
pull paper? It may happen that some things went behind the tractor
of paper and that you just don’t For example
I’ll show you some today things that can stop here inside the
tractor and some care that you can take so that this doesn’t
happen with you. Look at some things that we already
took of the printer: a coin, clips, a rubber, pieces of toys,
pencil pen, a ruler and pieces of papers and even …. I remember even this
day, it was so funny and embarrassing. You saw the number of things that I took here behind the tractor
of paper? All this can happen there from the other side if you don’t take a simple
caution. Do not put anything here on top of printer because a simple move
can make all this stuff will stop inside the tractor. What
it may happen? The printer can just stop,
work out ends up breaking a pulley and you have
to buy another one or do an emergency repair in your printer
I know that often in the city where you live depending on the place, have assistance close or so
far So, to avoid this kind of accident
do not put anything on top of your printer.
From today leaves her here like this clean up with nothing up here take
be very careful with this printer and with your work material.
I hope you enjoyed this video and See you in the next video. Bye guys