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February 26, 2020 0 By Kailee Schamberger

Hi my name is Dr. Guy Gross and I’m so
excited to announce that we’re making access to dental information dental
implants easier than ever. My passion in life has been in my career to make
dental implants you know less scary, less painful, more affordable and in that I
find that it’s given me the wonderful opportunity to serve patients who are
struggling where they’ve lost confidence in their smile.
They’ve lost their ability to eat. Their dentures or teeth are loose and you know
potentially having some tremendous pain that as a result of that and so we
are thrilled to make it really easy for you to get this information so that you
can make great informed decisions for your dental health. The way that you can
access me…one is click on the link to the webinar and when you watch that
webinar you’re gonna have an opportunity to really learn the ins and outs of what
dental implants are. You’ll find that there are so many different ways that we
can use dental implants to serve you and so spend a little time getting educated
on that and it’ll help you make a decision about what might be the best
fit for you. That webinar will then give you the
opportunity to come in for two different ways of reaching me one is either
through a virtual consult where you can send me a little information through a
portal that we have you’ll be able to click the link just for that and with
that I’ll send you back some customized information specifically about your
situation or you can come see me in person at one of our dental implant
dinners where we spend time meeting face to face and answering questions and
presenting information about dental implants or a personal consultation in
my office where you’ll find that there’s some gifts attached to that that you can
come ultimately it’ll be great for us to meet in person and get you the answers
that you need so the first starting point though is to click right now on
the link for the webinar get registered so that you can be part of getting the
information in the comfort of your own home or wherever it’s easiest for you to
access it and from there I’m happy to start this
journey with you of making your process of getting your your smile back,
you’re chewing back, getting your comfort back. All something that is so easy and
accessible better than it’s ever been before so come join me on the journey
click on the link for the webinar right away and I’ll look forward to meeting in
person very soon!