Dynamic Mic vs Condenser Mic  for Recording Vocals I Shure SM58 vs Neumann U87

Dynamic Mic vs Condenser Mic for Recording Vocals I Shure SM58 vs Neumann U87

November 6, 2019 16 By Kailee Schamberger

Is it ok to use a dynamic mic like this Shure
SM58 for recording vocals? I know, I know. Everybody use SM58 at a live
show, house of worship, or … anywhere. But this workhorse can be the one for recording
vocals instead of a condenser mic like U87. By the way, I already made this comparison
video between Neumann U87AI and Rode NT1A. Both are condenser mics. 
But this time, I’m going to compare a dynamic mic, this SM58 to a condenser mic U87. U87 is a condenser mic so I need to turn on
phantom power. But SM58 is dynamic mic so I do not need to do it. Make sure to turn
off the phantom power. I put my preamp gain knob at 25 for U87 but
for SM58, I need to put the knob at 55 to get the same amount of levels. And I add a little bit of 12k shelving to
both mics to get more open sound. As you see, I angle both mics and match the
diaphragm so I can compare them in the same condition. 
If you want to know more about why I angle a mic, I also made the video about it. This
one also, you can check out the link below. SM58 has more 1 to 4k bump then U87. So it
sounds more forward when you listen through the speakers. 
If your vocal needs to compete with a wall of guitars in a mix, SM58 is a way to go.
Like Bono, from U2, he used to record his vocal for an album like Joshua Tree. It’s hard to use condenser mic in a live
show. Because you can easily get feedback because condenser mics are too sensitive. 
The other way around, some people do not use a dynamic mic for recording vocals because
it’s not sensitive enough to capture the details then condenser mic. That’s what I
thought. As you see, there is a dynamic range between
soft singing part and loud singing part. Except for a phase issue, SM58 capture all parts
as U87 does. Unless you sing way further from it, this
works fine for a studio recording. I think SM58 suits for ROCK instead of the
elegant sound of music. Also, you need to capture with the distance
like recording choirs, SM58 is not for you. But for the price, you can get 32 SM58s for
one U87. SM58 with a decent mic preamp, it’s absolutely
ok to use for recording vocals. Most of my live recording albums was done
by SM58 for my voice. That is for today’s video.
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