Filmmaking Tricks – The $0 Lapel Mic and Recorder  – The Basic Filmmaker Ep 66

Filmmaking Tricks – The $0 Lapel Mic and Recorder – The Basic Filmmaker Ep 66

September 12, 2019 100 By Kailee Schamberger

this episode of the basic filmmaker is sponsored by a tiny blinking tech cell so we all know that in-camera sound sucks right we also know that having a shotgun or lapel mic close to your mouth is the best sound you can get right okay let’s say you’re ready to shoot and you forgot or don’t have anything but your camera your any camera sound is gonna be terrible so what do you do well if you have something like an iPhone just do this get the original headphones that came with your iPhone they’re free see this little plus/minus thing on the headphone cable turn it over you’ll also see this is a microphone to plug these headphones into the headphone jack on the phone wire up your tower just like you would with a lapel mic start to voice memos app that’s also free with the iPhones and hit the record button now start your camera recording don’t forget that clap your hands so you can sync the less sound later in post now record your shot there’s all sorts of things you can do with this such as wrapping the headphone mic and wires in black or colored tape so it’s not obvious hiding this on your talent like you would a lapel mic so you can’t see it you can also cut off the end of the headphone wires and tape this two lapel mic clip and use this as your dedicated lapel mic if you choose and as with any sound to record you can do some post audio work to make it better Frye pads and iPods I believe there are recording apps that allow you to do this you could also download apps that record sound at a higher quality I don’t know if Android or other phones can do this if you do leave a comment below for everyone else if you don’t have the money for an audio recorder or a lapel mic or you’re gonna find because you don’t have your audio recorder lapel mic with you this will work will always be better than trying to record in camera sound how do I know this works cuz I used it to record the sound for this entire episode I hope this helps and thanks for watching how do I know it work because I’m sitting here now looking at my monitor realizing I never hit it that’s how I know it will work