GoldVenture | Explaining How to Register Karatpay – Karatbars video tutorial

February 26, 2020 0 By Kailee Schamberger

hello and welcome to care bars
international video tutorial in this video we will explain how to register
for carrot babe please go to on the bottom left-hand corner of the
page you will find the register karat pay button please validate your data and
read carefully our Terms and Conditions accept them by clicking the box after
that click on register you should now see the message your
carrot bait registration was successful now login to your mail account and
locate the email from carrot pay open the email and click the link on the carrot pay page please enter your
registered email address and the last five digits of your wallet account which
you receive with the email if this is successfully done please go
back to your email account and locate the second email from campaign and click
the link on the carrot pay page you have to enter
again your last five digits of your wallet account here you can finish your registration by
validating your data you have to create your password and also create security
answers as well you at the last step please click on the
register user at the bottom of the page now you can use your login credentials
to access your account this completes our tutorial of carrot
paint and we thank you for your attention today you