How to Judge a Book By Its Cover

February 20, 2020 0 By Kailee Schamberger

– We’re gonna talk today about how to judge a book by its cover. Specifically a romance book. Hi everyone, I’m Lisa, and I’m a romance author
at Lisa London Books, and you’re watching
the Read Bliss Channel. So to help us out, we have decided to, and
by we, I mean you and I, have decided to go to Barnes and Noble. So we’re gonna go ahead and go inside and take a peak at some covers. Now in the romance section, which is basically just
one row up and down, and it is alphabetical by author. So there’s a lot of different sub genres, and it’s really hard to decide which one is the one that you’re looking for. But usually with covers you can tell by the sub genre which is which. So I think the on the Debbie Macomber, so you can definitely tell from this it’s gonna be a Hallmark type of romance. Same thing with something sweet like this. And over here, I just pulled out, this is going to be a cowboy romance. If you’re not familiar with Sarah Maclean, it’s actually one of my favorite authors, and this is going to be historical. So historicals usually you can tell, they have double covers. So there’s a cover on the outside, and then when you open
it up on the inside, there’s another image of that same couple. This is probably a thriller, you can tell right away
’cause there’s a figure and you can only see her outline. She’s usually facing away so you just see her backside, and it’s kind of dark and ominous. We’ve got another cowboy cover. And of course we have
the famous Julia Quinn with her historical romances. And this we can tell is more
of a sci-fi romantic suspense, obviously from the title, but also from the images on the front. Definitely anyone holding
a gun, romantic suspense. And then we have J.R.
Ward, which is paranormal. This is going to be another
Hallmark movie type of cover, so you know it’s going
to be a sweet romance. Same thing with this cover, you have these cute
little deer on the front, so you can tell it’s gonna be another Hallmark type of story. Over here, we have a historical romance. And these cartoon type
of illustration covers are more of those new romantic comedies, when I say new it’s really hard to tell because it could be a romantic comedy, or it could just be a contemporary romance with a super high heat level. I’ve been fooled a couple times where I’ve gotten these books and then it’s really just
more like erotic fiction. This is definitely something
with a super high heat level, erotic fiction, I think they like to call
themselves contemporary romance, but anybody like the naked chest guy, and the topless shirt guy on top, always going to be an
extremely high heat level. And over here, the dark ominous covers. Again these are more
thrillers, romantic suspense. And then these covers over here, you have the Sylvia Day, let me bring it down, my
arms just not that tall. The Sylvia Day covers, when you just have some
jewelry on the front, or the tie, or a pen or something else, you’ll know that this is definitely a contemporary romance with
an extremely high heat level, so more like erotic fiction. And Jasmine Guillory, with the cute covers. So it’s more of your
contemporary romantic comedies. And here we go again, so this is Helen Hardt,
Steel Brothers Ravenous, you can see there’s just
some jewelry on the front, so you know it’s probably
going to be erotic fiction. This cover is Handle
With Care, Marie Harte. So this cover is definitely going to be a romance with a higher heat level, maybe not that high as say, this one, but pretty high. And here we have some
more romantic thrillers. Of course the classic covers that are definitely erotic fiction. And of course the Sherrilyn Kenyon, hopefully it stands out to you right away that these are paranormal covers. All right, I hope that was helpful and you enjoyed that little
trip to Barnes and Noble. Remember, there are two
things you can always tell from a romance book cover, and the first one is what sub genre it is. So as we could tell
when you look at a cover you can tell if it’s a historical romance, if it is a paranormal romance, a romantic suspense, a romantic thriller, a romantic sci-fi,
contemporary, et cetera. And the second thing you
can tell is what heat level. You can tell if it has those cute Hallmark covers that give you
the warm touchy feelies, it’s probably going to
be a very sweet romance with low to no heat. If it is a guy, a naked guy who is topless it is going to be a very high heat level, usually contemporary but not always. Some of the topless men
are also on historicals. And if it is a cover like 50 shades where there’s just one item, like an inanimate object
like a piece of jewelry or a heel, a man’s tie, cuff
links, something like that then it is going to be even higher of a steamier heat level than your topless male
romance book covers. So the only caveat I would say is a lot of the new romantic, contemporary romance that are
being advertised as rom-coms, whether it is from a traditional publisher or self published have these really cute illustrated covers where I always, I don’t know why, when I
see a cute illustrated cover I think it’s gonna be a sweet romance and it’s gonna be funny
like Bridget Jones, and it’s gonna be cute. And in fact, some of them turn out to be straight up erotic fiction, even higher heat levels than 50 Shades. So just something to be aware of, those cute illustration covers, you have zero idea what heat
level they’re going to be. You can’t tell at all. A lot of people are even rebranding their previous covers that maybe had shirtless men on the covers with those cute cartoony illustrations ’cause they sell better. And those are kind of trending right now and more popular. So just something to be aware of if heat level is something
you’re sensitive to. All right, I hope that was useful. If you liked this video make sure to give it a thumbs up, and make sure to hit the subscribe button if you love talking all
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