How to record skype video calls

February 18, 2020 0 By Kailee Schamberger

Once you’re on the SuperTintin website.
You simply download the SuperTtintin software, and begin installing it on your computer.
Once the program is finished installing on your computer,
you open Skype and SuperTintin at the same time. Once SuperTintin is open, go to the bottom
right hand corner and select which recording mode you would like.
Picture-in-picture is the default recording mode. However you can also select side by side, local web cam,
remote webcam, separate files,
or audio only. Once you have chosen a recording method, click
on the red button in order to start your recording. You can click on the same button in order
to stop your recording, and save your files to the indicated folder. And its as easy as that.
I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Thank you for watching.