How You can Record 2 separate tracks with the  Zoom H6 in Adobe Audition

How You can Record 2 separate tracks with the Zoom H6 in Adobe Audition

December 28, 2019 10 By Kailee Schamberger

hello and welcome to hindsight 101 where
you’ll learn about thing that will help you in everyday life now if you want to know
how to record two individual tracks on the zoom h6 in Adobe Audition let’s go
check it out hello and welcome first I’d like to start with a disclaimer that
what I’m going to describe may not be the best way but it’s the only way I
figured out to record to two individual tracks go from zoom h6 then into Adobe Audition
so let’s go as you can see there’s six separate tracks LR 1 2 3 4 we’re going
to change this later so now you want to go into the menu and you want to select
audio interface once you select an audio interface you want to set stereo mix you
have several different options PC Mac PC Mac using the battery power or iPad
using the battery power the four double A batteries you put into the zoom h6 now
once you’ve selected that you want to go to M S matrix and in M S matrix when you
saw those individual tracks now we’re going to combine 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 so you
want to turn that on for each track tracks are no longer individual one and
two are together and three and forward together you want to make sure you have
this configuration Mike one is an input one and then my two is an input for
don’t know why but it works you also want to turn each input on so you want
to turn one and two on and this will be displayed with the lights going since
they’re combined both lights will light up three and four the lights are on they
are combined on a Mac you want to go into system preferences and select sound
from there you want to select input then h6 for zoom h6 then you want to control
the input volume usually I put it around 75% works well for the mic that I use
and you close out of here then you go to Adobe Audition you want to select
multitrack and then from there you can actually make a template say you’re
doing a podcast you can make this template every time you start your
podcast so you don’t have to create this again then you want to go to templates
you want to select empty stereo session and not the other ones because the other
ones will pre-populate things for you the empty stereo will make a blank one
so you can create your own so go to multitrack again track add audio track
mono you want to do that again because you’re going to have two individual
tracks add mono audio track so host one host two and then you have your master
at the bottom then you want to want to change the input to Mono left and then
you want to do the second one to Mono right and then from there you want to
arm the tracks for recording so you click on the R for each of the tracks as
you can see here the tracks are receiving sound simultaneously instead
of individually so I’ll show you how to change that now you want to go back into
the settings go back to ms matrix and before we had it on now we’re going to
switch it off for each of the tracks 1 & 2 & 3 & 4
I don’t know why this works but it does so let’s go back to Adobe Audition and
see the difference this setting makes so as you can see now each track has its
own individual sound you may see the tracks move up and down both
together but that’s just because as you can see I had the mics very close
together so they were getting a little feedback but they are playing individual
tracks now instead of simultaneously I looked all over the internet to figure
out how to do this everyone said it could be done but no
one would show you how so after a lot of trial and error I was able to figure it
out and hopefully this works for somebody else but if you have a better
way please share if you liked what you saw please hit that like button if you
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