Launching Audacity on Windows OS  ( Audacity Audio Recorder and Editor Software )

Launching Audacity on Windows OS ( Audacity Audio Recorder and Editor Software )

December 6, 2019 0 By Kailee Schamberger

In this lecture, we’re going to discover how to launch Audacity software on Windows OS. Additionally, we are going to learn how to pin the Audacity’s icon to the “Taskbar” and also the “Start Menu” on Windows 10. Are you ready to get started? So let’s begin! The first method that I am going to show you to launch Audacity Software on Windows is by double-clicking on the shortcut icon on the desktop. or finding the Audacity application by accessing the Windows “Start Menu”, Applications section, or simply typing “Audacity” in the search bar and single-clicking on the application icon icon to launch it. Every time opening Audacity software you get this “Welcome Panel” You can move the “Welcome Panel” around by simply holding and dragging the “Title Bar” and placing it anywhere on the screen. Inside the Welcome Panel you get the version number, few links to get more help with the application such as “Quick Help”, the “Manual”, the “Forum Page” link and the “Wiki” for tips and extra tutorials. If your audacity is not up to date, feel free to watch the next lecture to update your Audacity software to its newest version on your Windows machines. If you don’t want to see the “Welcome Panel” every time launching the Audacity Software, fill the check mark for : checkmark for tone showed these speaking at the startup at the bottom of the panel “Don’t show this again at startup” at the bottom of the panel and click “OK” to close the window. To set the the Audacity’s interface to full screen or float click on a dedicated menu in the top right toolkit in the title bar, the maximize or the restore score modes. You can move the Audacity’s interface window, as well when it’s not in full screen mode by holding and dragging the title bar, and placing it anywhere on the screen, or even adjusting it next to another Audio or Video project. To resize the Audacity’s interface, hover the mouse to the edges, or corners of the interface, hold and drag when the double, or single headed arrow appears. To shrink, move inward, and to expand, move outward. You can close of the Audacity’s application clicking on the “X” button in the title toolkit or choosing the “File Menu” and select “Exit”. Now it’s pin the Audacity’s application to the “Taskbar” by finding the application from the Windows “Menu Bar” right clicking on the Audacity’s icon choose “More”, and next “Pin to Taskbar”. You can also pin Audacity’s icon to the “Start Menu” by going back to the Windows 10 “Start Menu” finding the application, right click on the icon and choose “Pin to Start”. Now the program application icon has been pinned to the taskbar and the the start menu for easy access for easy access. Let’s move to the next lecture to discover more. So see you there.