Neethone Eppatiki ll New Telugu Short Film 2019 ll  by Vasanth K Karanam

Neethone Eppatiki ll New Telugu Short Film 2019 ll by Vasanth K Karanam

November 11, 2019 26 By Kailee Schamberger

Abhi.. you will not leave me, right? I will not leave you.. I will always be with you [With You.. Forever..] Fresh.. .. bed coffee… OK. It’s for me then.. Sid… carefully.. Just keep it aside. If you need coffee.. just ask..I will give you. It’s unfair to tempt me like this I did not forward my hands to tempt you. I am drinking coffee with the both hands.. you see… You made an awesome coffee.. my anger is evaporating with this coffee. I will evaporate your anger fully.. When are you wishing my birthday wishes? .. now? so late? So What? You have to wish me first… right?? All my Friends..wished me at 12′ o clock Every one asking for you.. I lied them by saying.. you wished me first and sleeping now. senseless .. dirty fellow. hey.. dirty fellow.. I am taking to you.. Are you listening??. no guilt at all see .. how he is laughing .. You may had a overnight booze party at some friends home.. you are shameless.. is n’t it ? Now in the morning.. if you try to impress me …. with good flowers and coffee.. do you think I will excuse you? No … Jaanu.. I wished you first. Jaanu.. listen to me carefully. You know.. when you came out of your mothers womb. Exactly.. same time.. I mean .. 30th March.. 08:02am.. you have born.. when you are exactly 21 years old.. I wished you first. Now you are 21 years 2 minutes old. chef.. what is it? payasam.. Mam.. Please try it mam.. it is very tasty I worked hard to prepare it.. But if chef.. feeds me then.. yes… What happened? It is n’t good ?? It is not bad .. But.. not sweet enough… ok…I go and grab sugar… Jaanu.. what happened? open the door… why are you hiding from me. What happened Jaanu.. you are calling me so late? I again got the bad dream of sid cutting my throat dad.. Is he still there? I warned him to leave.. isn’t it? No dad.. he seems to be sleeping next to me all night. I am scared that he cut my throat in real.. come quickly dad.. please.. He will not harm you. I am there in the morning. Why did you come again?? why did not you go..? Why did not you go..? You are not allowed to stay here anymore otherwise, I am not going to spare you. Jahnavi is not right for you. I am going find right boy for Jahnavi and get her marry. she is not able to bare you any more. You are scaring her even in her dreams. Dad.. Please.. I stay for little while and go.. These little whiles.. has become days now.. Jahnavi.. Not just my close friends Ravi’s daughter She is like my own child Her parents may be no more.. But I am there for her This father is here for her I will be leaving very soon dad. I will leave I just waited here to say this. Sorry..I am 5 minutes early. Do not go any where Sid… Stay back. Stay back here.. we will be happy. Dad, I am unnecessarily worried. Please ask him to stay back. Daddy is saying right thing Jaanu.. It is not right for me to stay back here.. Hi Sid.. How long ??? Waiting for you.. Are you in party? I am planning for your Birthday party. 10 minutes Drive carefully.. It’s about to rain.. I always told him to wear seat belt. I told 5 minutes early I understand that. I am not forcing you to forget sid. I will be exactly like Sid “Jaanu” Jahnavi .. Sid calls you ” jaanu ” .. Is n’t it?? regarding your relationship with Sid See .. My height.. weight.. exactly like sid.. Usually people say.. I make you forget your Ex- boy friend I will get the moon from the sky for you. will be telling stories like this.. But your proposal has a honestly. you want to give me back, what I am missing and what I need. I did n’t come now to wish you happy birthday; at midnight 12. I will be coming again and wishing you tomorrow morning exactly at 8.02 am Exactly 8:02 am Just like Sid.. very special.. Just asked you to stand up.. I did not ask you to leave How can I hug you.. if you are sitting on the chair.. Abhi You will not leave me like sid right? I will not leave you. I will be with you exactly like sid forever…