| Paper Inspiration #414 – The Teapot Project Companion Book | Paper Inspiration #414 – The Teapot Project Companion Book

January 17, 2020 0 By Kailee Schamberger

It is no big secret that I’m a bit of a
tea snob. I probably have more than 40 different loose-leaf teas in my
collection, so this project is right up my alley. Hi everybody I’m Sabine Lenz,
the founder of PaperSpecs, with your weekly dose of paper inspiration. Even in this
digital age books are the go-to physical souvenir of events that we attended and
enjoyed, something to keep, to peruse and to treasure long after we’ve misplaced the photos somewhere on our phones. If you were one of the people attending The Teapot Project at Australia’s Modern Times gallery last
July, chances are you snapped up this eminently touchable keepsake book
printed by our friends at Digitalpress in Sydney. The exhibition itself features
30 teapots – actually 30 variations of the same teapot – crafted by Australian
silversmith Hendrik Forster and metalsmith/object designer
Kenny Son. Hailing from different cultural, generational and educational
backgrounds, the artists worked closely together to explore the social and
historical context surrounding the production and use of the teapot.
Materials used in the creation of the actual pots ranged from bright polished 24 ct. gold to copper and even red gum. This marvelous perfect-bound book pays
tribute to these shiny materials immediately with its soft touch laminate
cover, which features a gleaming teapot in raised silver digital foil. Inside we
take a deep dive into the creative process with reproductions of the
artists’ sketches, as well as detail-rich photographs of those art pieces printed
on three different papers, each one a perfect match for the contents it
displays. The beginning of the collaborative, the creative process, and
crafting sections are printed on Mohawk Strathmore Premium Wove. Photos of the
actual finished teapots are printed on Pacesetter Satin. And Curious Translucents from Mohawk is used as a divider between each section, symbolizing a seamless
transition in the creation process. Each paper gives a different look to the book,
and all communicate in their own way with your fingertips, literally crying
“handcrafted” – perfect for the subject matter at hand. Digital foiling is still one of the lesser known finishing techniques, yet it is
incredibly versatile. To give you an overview of all the different ways in
which you can apply foil to your project we created a cheat sheet. Get your copy
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