Proverbs 26

February 26, 2020 0 By Kailee Schamberger

with that Proverbs chapter 26 tonight great
chapter and so why don’t we pray and let’s ask God as He always does as only
He can to bless our time together tonight in His Word so if you would join
with me thank You Lord or thank You for Your Word and thank You so much for this
amazing book of Proverbs and this chapter that we have before us tonight Lord we
are just with great anticipation looking forward to what you’re going to minister
to us and speak to us and show to us tonight here in Your Word so Lord we
want to have ears to hear and eyes to see and hearts to receive so Lord bless
our time together we pray in Jesus’ name Amen all right let’s jump in this is
this is I’m just this is great right out of the chute verse one as snow in summer
and rain in harvest so honor is not fitting for a fool now think about this
how fitting is snow in the summer of course unless you’ve ever lived in
Spokane Washington no I’m June July it doesn’t stay around
very long but that’s not the point the point is it’s snowed in June and July
I’m still bitter I’m still recovering from this but it just it’s not fitting
neither is it fitting for there to be rain during harvest and actually having
rain in harvest can destroy the crops and this is what this is saying that
just as snow in the summer and rain during harvest is not fitting
so to is it not fitting to honor a fool never put a fool in a position of Honor
never honor a fool it can be actually destructive there is going to be more on
this as we’re going to see shortly verse two like a flitting Sparrow like a
flying swallow so a curse without cause shall not alight this is New King James
language for it won’t land in other words you’ve got this Sparrow you’ve got
this swallow two birds they’re not going to land I don’t know have you ever had a
sparrow or a swallow or any bird for that matter unless they’re trained have
you ever had them come and land on your arm they don’t well neither will a curse
undeserved without cause neither shall that land on you stick on you by the way
this also I believe can speak to the farce of Christians being superstitious
and I’ll explain what I mean by that you know there are those who actually
believe that there can be a curse on a Christian that can never happen that is
impossible this whole thing of you know don’t walk
under a ladder really why not you can walk under all the ladders you
want see how about I know I’m gonna well why not I’m just going to go for it the
astrology you know the the signs the horoscope that’s it you know you read
your horoscope and oh wow man today that you know what my
horoscope said that I don’t care what your horoscope says today you know by
the way the horoscope is a perversion astrology is a perversion of God’s
astronomy do you realize that the the signs as they you know have them in the
horoscope the signs of the stars you know like so I was born in July I’ve
always hated this maybe this is why but apparently according to astrology and
the whole horoscope thing I’m a cancer really I mean you know there’s Taurus
there’s whatever the other ones are I don’t even know what they are but do you
realize that those are the actually the gospel is in the stars I would
really encourage you to go online be careful there’s so much you know rubbish
out there but actually was D James Kennedy who was with the Lord now he
actually wrote a book the gospel in the stars and he goes through and takes from
the the beginning I forget what the first one is and all the way through to
the end and it’s actually the gospel is in there and of course Satan’s going to
take something like that and pervert it and make it demonic and satanic and you
know this superstitious you know kind of approach to things we are as Christians
and here’s another thing I might as well while I’m thinking about it
mention it we’ve talked about it before but a Christian that is born again of
the Spirit of God can never be demon possessed a Christian can never be demon
possessed oppressed yes possessed absolutely not
as a Christian it’s impossible for a Christian to be demon-possessed
well I opened up a whole can of horoscope worms on that one so we’ll move on
verse three a whip for the horse a bridle for the donkey and a rod for the
fool’s back this is interesting because it kind of speaks to this whole thing of
a fool acting like an animal I mean you’re going to take the whip to the horse
the bridle for the donkey and so too when you have a fool that’s acting like
an animal you’re going to take the rod to the back of the fool we’re going to see a
lot more about foolishness tonight so verses 4 & 5 this is what I mean by I
was really looking forward to this chapter tonight let me read it and then
I want to do my best with the help of the Holy Spirit to explain it because
at first read it almost sounds like a contradiction so let’s read it verse 4
do not answer a fool according to his folly lest you also be like him that’s verse
four here’s verse 5 answer a fool according to his folly lest he be wise
in his own eyes okay what wait what so verse 4 says don’t answer a fool
according to his folly okay verse five answer a fool according to
his folly okay which is it do I not answer a fool according to his folly or
do I answer a fool according to his folly answer yes okay notice what is
said at the end of verse four as to why it is that we’re not to answer a fool
according to his folly it’s lest you also be like him in other words don’t
lower yourself to their level and become just like them in giving your answer to
them because you’re going to be a fool like them don’t answer a fool according
to his folly good example Moses in fact it says
I want to say it’s my memory is getting worse anyway it’s when God says you know
the Israelites are murmuring again did you bring us out here were there not
enough graves in Egypt you had to bring us out here to kill us and they’re
thirsty and you know God says okay Moses just
you know speak to the rock he’s already struck the rock the first time this
happened they’re out there in the wilderness and they have no water and
God says I want you to strike the rock and I want you to and water will come
out and he did but then the second time this happens he said don’t strike it
again because that rock is Christ a type of Christ and Christ only struck once
crucified once now you can speak to the rock and water will come out well what
does Moses do well he actually answers them according to their folly and he
gets so angry with them and how long are we going to put up with you we what’s this
we stuff Moses oh yeah you and God are on the same level now and he strikes the
rock again out of his anger that is answering a fool according to their
folly Moses has become just like them and he’s answered them and he’s become
just like them and he’s lowered himself to their level now verse 5 is very
different notice it says the reason you are to answer a fool according to his
folly is because you need to correct them lest they become wise in their own
eyes good example Job remember our study through job what a great book that was
it was a little trying at times but what a great book so at the very beginning of
the book when God gives Satan permission to I mean just Job is covered from
head to foot even the bottom of his feet were just riddled with boils and they
were sores and they were itchy and he’s taking this you know these broken pieces
there in the rubbish heap that he was in and he’s he’s scratching and itching
I mean it’s just unbelievable unthinkable and his wife just in horror
says to her husband curse God and die thank you honey so much curse God and
die now what’s Job going to do is he going to
answer his wife according to her folly and become like her in his anger towards
her no he’s going to do what verse 5 says he’s going to answer her foolishness
according to her folly but he’s going to correct her and he says to her shall we
only receive what is good from the Lord and not bad I mean he basically rebukes
her but not in anger he corrects her but in love he answers her because what you
don’t want is for this fool when you answer them to think by virtue of your
silence in response to them ah I got them no you need to respond just don’t
respond in kind so somebody is angry with you critical of you and then you
just lash out at them in the same way that they with you you become just like
them you’ve answered them according to their folly and in so doing you’ve
become just like them there’s no contradiction here at all this this is
actually I remember early on in my Christian life I could never quite get
my mind around what this was saying and I would read all the commentaries
and listen to other bible teachers that I really like teaching this and
basically it’s really simple the end of each verse qualifies what it’s saying so
here’s why you don’t answer them don’t answer them in kind lest you be like
them but here’s how you do answer them don’t get into an argument with them
don’t start this fight with them you’re just going to lower yourself to their level
and become just like them don’t answer them that way instead you answer them
but you correct them lovingly patiently graciously you know sometimes it’s not
so much what we say it’s how we say what we say I mean just sometimes our body
language the tone of our voice the the way we say something can can really
change the way it’s received I just again I think Job is probably the best
example of this I have to put myself in that position thankfully I’ve
never been nor do I have any plans on ever being in a position like that but
if my wife were to say to me curse God and die I mean come on guys what would
you say to your wife if she said that to you look you don’t think about it too
much because I just know for me it would be really hard it takes a lot of restraint
a lot of self-control from the Holy Spirit to not react in anger like Moses
and become as foolish as the one who is saying this foolishly to me so this is
great discernment these two verses alone here
in this chapter can be so helpful to us in our everyday life right I mean how
many times I just think about it in the context of social media oh my goodness
how many times do we get baited in to engage
with somebody who posts I mean it’s you know you’re the Spirit is willing but
the flesh is weak and I mean there’s just something within us in our flesh
there dwells no good thing like Paul says and I mean somebody posts something
and we get this all the time we get a lot of comments a lot of posts on social
media and they’re not very nice and my I have to confess that my first response
sometimes is verse four and then I realize it’s not long
I mean it’s textbook it’s not long before I’m just going to bring myself down
to their level and be as foolish as they are if I let them bait me in and
sometimes I take the bait I mean just like the next guy I mean I okay really
and then I just come blasting back and I’ll tell you there’s sometimes there’s smoke coming
off that keyboard when I you know I am fully capable oh really you know I have
you know God’s restored the years the locusts have eaten from my lifestyle
before Christ you know I did a lot of things and it really really took its
toll on my brain and my vocabulary when I first got saved the the Living Bible was
a stretch for me that’s how badly my vocabulary and my brain had been
cannibalized by my lifestyle and over the years God has just restored that and
so over the years I’ve learned some big words that make me sound really smart
you know how it is when you think of what you could have said but after oh I
should have said that oh I should have said this oh that would have been a
perfect answer to that you know I’ve never regretted something I didn’t say
I’ve never regretted something that I didn’t say and conversely how many times
have I regretted answering a fool according to their
folly and it doesn’t take long and you just realize it and the Holy Spirit is so
faithful in that still small voice to say yeah I bet you wish you didn’t do
that huh yeah that was kind of foolish yes it was and look at you now
right anyway verse 6 this is pretty graphic you got to love the imagery here
he who sends a message by the hand of a fool cuts off his own feet and drinks
violence wow so you know that saying we have you don’t shoot yourself in the
foot that’s kind of what this is saying sending somebody that is unreliable it
would be better that you never sent them in the first place because doing so is
like shooting yourself in the foot that’s what this is basically saying
verse 7 like the legs of the lame that hang limp is a proverb in the mouth of
fools this is pretty graphic as well I mean picture this now you’ve got
somebody that is paralyzed basically they have legs but they’re of no use
well so too is the wisdom of a proverb of no use in the mouth of a fool the
proverb in the mouth of a fool is like the legs on somebody who’s paralyzed
what what good is it what use is it this is of no use this is of no good verse 8
and 9 go together like one who binds a stone in a sling is he who gives honor
to a fool there it is again verse 9 like a thorn that goes into the hand of a
drunkard is a proverb in the mouth of fools so again look at the imagery here
the picture that this proverb is painting you’ve got this stone in this
this sling you know the slingshot how how destructive and damaging
if you sew that rock into that sling how about if you have a rosebush in the
hands of a drunkard that can cause some damage that’s um
that’s not wise and so too is this true when you give honor to a fool or you
have a proverb in the mouth of a fool it’s like a thorn that goes into the
hand of a drunkard it’s like a sling that has the stone sewn in verse 10 I’ve
been looking forward to this one the great God who formed everything gives
the fool his hier and the transgressor his wages what what does this mean well
you ready for my answer I don’t know I honestly don’t know here again I I’ve
read the commentaries they don’t know either I’ve heard great Bible teachers
on this and they don’t really have an answer either oh sure
speculation abounds there’s no shortage of speculation I mean is this saying
that God gives the fool his job his hire his wage and the same thing with the
transgressor well that doesn’t seem right and so to try to explain it
better said explain it away I’m not going to do that and and here’s why
sometimes we need to be okay with not having the answer to everything in God’s
Word you know Pastor Chuck Smith had a file in his study that was marked need
more information and he would put in that file verses like this in God’s Word
I just I don’t know I honestly don’t know what the point
of this proverb is and I don’t want to stand here and try to offer you ten
different possibilities because I don’t think that serves any purpose and that’s
okay are you okay with that what are you going to say no well I’m okay with it too and
by the way while we’re talking about this you know when somebody asks you a
question that you don’t know the answer to don’t try to fake it well you know
that’s a very interesting question I’m so very glad that you asked and there
are many different possibilities that one can come to in conclusion to this
great question that you have asked what did you just say because it’s you know the honesty the
transparency the humility the integrity of just saying you know what I don’t
know I’ll look into it I’ve got a file for this it’s
called need more information I’ll I’ll look into this I’ll see what I can come
up with but you know what I just honestly I do not know early on when I
first started teaching I was new in the ministry in the pastorate and oh I was
so insecure I mean my goodness you know God chooses the foolish things of this
world to confound the wise and I mean it’s like God You’ve got a great sense of
humor calling me into the ministry as a pastor and a teacher and man I mean I
would just when I would teach I would just think God I mean I don’t
know that I’m the best qualified you know and You surely could have found
somebody more qualified and then I heard someone say and it’s really served me
well over the years God doesn’t call the qualified He qualifies the called God’s
not looking for you know when He’s doing these talent searches if I can say like
that like Second Chronicles 6 9 I think it is where it says the eyes
of the Lord this is when the Prophet speaks to King Asa and says don’t you
know that the eyes of the Lord are searching to and fro throughout the
earth looking for hearts fully devoted to Him in other words God’s always
searching He’s looking for someone that is fully devoted who has a heart for Him
a heart after Him and He’s not looking for the most impressive resume in fact
it’s the opposite that’s true because here’s the problem with the really
impressive resume so the guy with the really impressive resume nothing wrong
with having an impressive resume but then all of a sudden the impressive
resume gets the credit and the person with the impressive resume takes the
glory and no flesh is going to glory in His presence so one of the things that in fact I was
just thinking about this last week I was talking with this other pastor on the
mainland and we were just kind of musing back and forth just kind of laughing at
ourselves it is laughable that God would choose you know guys like us to you know
be pastors and teachers and and we were talking about how that there’s no way
even if we wanted to even if we tried that we could ever take the credit for
God’s people being blessed under our teaching ministry because I mean how are
we going to get away with that oh wow pastor JD you’re a very educated man no
I’m not I barely graduated high school then again I don’t mean to disparage
education I barely you know what I wanted our senior motto to be you know
how graduation you know there’s gold at the end of the rainbow
you know the futures our destiny all these you know profound mottos you know
for the graduating senior class this is I’m I’m not kidding when I say this I’m
not proud of this but this is what I wanted our motto to be
I’ve come out of my coma to receive my diploma I’m not kidding you I wish I was
that’s how it’s so and God’s going I choose you because when when they see what I’m
going to do in and through you they’re going to say wow if God can use somebody like that
there’s hope for me I mean God’s not looking for the
impressive resume the qualified He’s looking for the weak to confound the
strong the fool to shame the wise that way only He alone gets all the glory He
gets the glory there’s no way I know I went off on that but that’s just a long
way could have said it in a much shorter way to say I have not the foggiest idea
what verse 10 is and if you have a better idea I’d love to talk with you
afterwards let’s go to verse 11 because it’s kind of a fun one as a dog returns
to his own vomit so a fool repeats is folly I was a
little kid my dad had a German Shepherd named it Bijou it’s the French name
for jewel and this was a cool dog I’ll never forget as I couldn’t have been
more than maybe eight seven or eight and this dog I mean I don’t want to get too
gross here especially for those of you who just ate before he came to the Bible
study but I mean this dog just blew chunks man I mean it was just it was
horrific and then he ate it and I remember how traumatized I was by this I
could not believe it and I’m trying to the German
Shepherds almost bigger than I was and I’m trying to get the dog to wait what
and I’m yelling mom dad what and then I get saved and I read
verse 11 of Proverbs 26 and it dawned on me our dog Bijou has read the Bible
because it’s right here I mean okay I think you get the point of this proverb
it’s like listen dog if it made you sick the first time you ate it
it’s probably going to make you sick the second time town in other words
don’t go back and do it again that the fool its the fool that repeats
it listen it’s no fool that learns from his folly I call that a successful
failure a successful failure is when you fall you falter you fail but you learn
from it that’s a success that’s a success it’s the one who repeats it did
not learn from it they’re like that dog that stupid dog I’m sorry we have a dog I
love dogs okay and oh man I remember one time just was many years ago when we were at
the old building and I made a comment and I just man afterwards I thought I
will never say anything negative about dogs ever again because man did I get
it I mean we had comments you know about I mean I even forgot what it was I don’t think it
was that bad so I just want to make sure online Church I love dogs I love I
loved your dog alright so we have a dog we just it’s a young chiweenie
it’s a half chihuahua and half wiener dog cute little dog you know it’s what
seven months old six months old something like that and love this dog
but let’s be honest okay I mean let’s be real and I don’t mean to offend anybody
I know dogs can sometimes be like children sometimes
I wonder if they’re ever loved more than children and we won’t go there maybe
that’s what I said don’t email me but let’s be honest okay about dogs they’re
dumb I mean smart goes I like my dog so smart and yes they are but you know
they’re not wise right I mean dogs can be really I’m really digging myself into
it verse 12 I probably should have said the same thing about verse 11 that I
said about verse 10 I have no idea what this is about let’s move on I think you
get the point the folly of repeating that which made you sick to begin with
verse 12 I mean this is interesting so we’ve we’ve really been hard on fools
and we’re going to be hard on fools yet more tonight in this chapter but you
know what’s even worse than a fool oh verse 12 is going to tell us do you see
a man wise in his own eyes there is more hope for a fool than for
him so this fool that’s like the dog eating his vomit repeating his folly like
the fool that we’ve been talking about throughout this entire book of Proverbs
you know what’s worse than that fool and that fool is bad but there’s someone
worse and it’s the person that is wise in their own eyes you can’t tell them
anything I mean they know it all and they’ll tell you they know it all there’s
more hope for the fool then there is the one who is not teachable you know what
the pastoral epistles as we often refer to them Titus and Timothy where the
Apostle Paul basically outlines the qualifications for elders and pastors
those in leadership and ministry and sort of this grocery list of all of
these qualifications they must be a one-woman man they must not be given
over to this or that I mean it’s really a list of qualifications but
there’s one in there that is really misunderstood some translations render
it apt to teach and some have taken that to mean able to teach the other words to
be qualified as an elder a leader a pastor a teacher in the ministry you
have to be able to teach that’s not what it says it’s not able to teach it’s teach
able teachable the qualification for those serving in positions of leadership
is they must be teachable I know I’ve shared this before we had a this was on
the mainland with my church on staff and with our board we had an acronym FAT I
don’t mean to offend anyone I’m on a roll tonight I might as well but the
acronym FAT for faithful available and teachable FAT they had to be FAT
that was the prerequisite for hiring anybody on staff or laying hands on
anybody and putting them in positions of leadership and they have to be it is an
absolute must it is mandatory that they be teachable so the one who is not
teachable they know it all you can’t tell them anything they’re wise in their
own eyes they think more highly of themselves and they ought and they and
they wonder to themselves why is it that nobody asks me for my opinion because I
have an opinion on the matter well the reason why they won’t ask you for your
opinion is because you’re a know-it-all and nobody wants to be around a
know-it-all there’s a humility that comes packaged with being teachable it’s
the willingness to say you know what the three hardest words in the English
language I was wr wr remember that remember
happy days the Fonz he could never say sorry sue sure never mind
had a flashback I’m back now I it’s so I was wrong I was wrong
it’s the humility the the humbling of oneself and and the recognition the
acknowledging that you know I need to learn I need to learn I need to be
taught I need to be teachable there’s more hope for a fool than someone who’s
unwilling to be teachable verse 13 let’s talk about lazy people now shall we
verse 13 this is this is great the lazy man says there’s a lion in the
road a fierce lion is in the streets I’m not going out there
I can’t go to work today you say there was a lion in the street come on dude
there’s no Lions in the streets of Jerusalem you’ll come up with any excuse
and that’s what the proverb is saying you’ll come up with any excuse to not
work there’s a there’s a I’m not going out there
hey did you hear the coronavirus I’m not going to do that I’m not going to I’m going to
stay in here I’m not going anywhere verse 14 it’s this is it even gets
better look at this picture as a door turns on its hinges so does the lazy man on
his bed I’m sorry if I’m laughing I just I love it that God has a sense of humor
of course I’m reminded of that every time I look in the mirror but this is
humorous think about this you know how a door goes back and forth on the hinges
okay and so that the picture is the lazy man goes back and forth turns from side
to side on his bed but he doesn’t go anywhere so I leave the house when I
come to the church and I swing the door on its hinges when I get home from the
Bible study tonight I’m going to go that door is still going to be there it hasn’t
gone anywhere that’s what the lazy man they don’t
go anywhere they don’t do anything there like that door on that hinge they just
go back and forth side to side and they don’t do anything they don’t go anywhere
and by the way this also I believe has application to stepping out in faith
being busy about the things of God dare I say that there is such a thing as
being spiritually lazy I mean you can be physically lazy but have you ever
thought about being spiritually lazy what I you know if you’re anything like
me and I suspect that you are you’ve come to really love the Apostle Paul in our
study through the epistles in the New Testament on Sunday mornings and
you’re getting to know him too a little bit about you know how he was wired and
his personality and his work ethic man just I was a hard worker I mean this was
a guy who like when he writes to these churches he says whatever you find with
your hands to do you do it with all your might as unto the Lord not as unto men
Christians ought to be the hardest most dependable workers in that business in
that company and even more so in the ministry I think we’ve talked about this a
couple weeks ago maybe it was last week I never thought of this and I heard
somebody say this and it just it was just it’s one of those light bulb moments
where we’re going yeah that’s right when Jesus called the disciples every single
one of them was employed they were working they all had jobs in other words
Jesus did not call somebody and I’ve got to be careful here too he didn’t call
somebody that was unemployed that was getting an unemployment check no he
called these hard workers you know being a fisherman in that day that was hard
work that was really hard work anyway you get the impression that
God does not like laziness He frowns on laziness well verse 16 oh no verse 15
this is even worse how about this one did you read this
get this one the lazy man buries his hand in the bowl it wearies him to bring
it back to his mouth what are you are you serious you’re telling me that this dude
is so lazy he you know in the Middle East they they eat with their hands so
he takes his hand as is the custom and he puts it in the food and he’s too lazy
to ah yeah it’s not worth it you’re going to starve
are you kidding you’re that lazy yeah it wearies him to bring it what oh man
this is a lot of work to feed yourself yeah oh that’s lazy I mean call me silly
but that’s lazy and then verse 16 the lazy man is wiser in his own eyes than
seven men who can answer sensibly so here you got again this this lazy man
man this guy is really lazy and he sees himself he fancies himself as being
smartest guy in the room wiser than seven men who are actually wise he
fancies himself as being this wise man but yet he is the fool and he is the
lazy man but in his own eyes you know this speaks to a very important
principle that the way we see ourselves can be so deceiving you can be self deceived
right but the way we see ourselves as opposed to the way God sees us as
you really are whoo there can be a huge disparity verse 17 I’m sorry we’re going to
have to talk about dogs again bear with me he who passes by and meddles
in a quarrel not his own is like one who takes a dog by the ears okay I want you
to know I am walking in victory in this one I have never grabbed a dog by the
ears okay but you know what’s going to happen right have you ever done that
your grab a dog by the can I just give you a piece of advice don’t do that don’t do
that because you’re going to get bit and so too will you be bit if you get involved
in two people’s disagreement when it’s none of your business
don’t meddle two people are having a conflict and you insert yourself into
the situation you’re asking for it that’s like grabbing a dog by the ears
I’m pretty sure it’s after he’s vomited and eaten it and then here’s the thing
one last thing on the whole vomit thing is that okay I’m sorry it’s pray for me
this is how I think and that’s why you need to pray for me so you know dogs
like to lick you I’m going to leave it at that I probably shouldn’t have done that
so verse 18 here’s another very picturesque proverb like a madman who
throws firebrands arrows and death verse 19 is the man who deceives his neighbor
and says oh I was only joking in other words he’s had malicious intent he’s
deceived you he’s tricked you he’s robbed you he’s lied to you and then you
catch him he’s like come on can’t you take a joke oh you know what that guy
first of all very dangerous stay as far away from someone like this as you
would somebody that is insane and they’ve got fireworks you know bottle
rockets and they’re like this all over the place aiming them at you and arrows
so they’re just shooting arrows that’s how dangerous someone like that is verse
20 I love God’s Word I just love the the
profound simplicity of it I mean just the the this is one of those proverbs
verse 20 where there is no wood the fire goes out how profound is that oh my
goodness duh right now you hear unless you’re into camping which I have to
confess I am not into camping okay when we lived on the mainland my wife loved
to camp I hated to camp I could never to this day I am going to get myself into
why not I’ve already I’m already in trouble but to this day I still cannot
grasp why people would leave the comforts of home hot water in a shower a
nice comfortable bed with no mosquitoes to sleep in I mean I can go on and on to
go out into the outdoors and rough it I don’t want to rough it I’m sorry I just don’t want
to rough it so true story my church on the mainland we our youth
ministry we’re going to have a camping retreat and so of course I’m the pastor
right you so they’re like you have to go pastor okay fine
so we reserved this I mean you had your on a waiting list sometimes for a year
to get to this campsite Indian Creek campsite one of the nicest campsites in
the Pacific Northwest northern Idaho it’s that we it was the Lord there there was a
cancellation we can take the youth group and we can get Indian Creek we’re doing
it and you’re going okay and but you know what they did these
people and there’s a proverb in here about them they went to my wife and said
hey we’re going to go camping and my wife says ok we’re my husband’s going and you
go tell him that and I’ll make sure he goes so they that’s that’s sneaky they
and then they said to me can’t you take a joke I said right here yes this is you
deceived me anyway so at the time had a dear friend
of mine that was in the RV business yeah you know where I’m going with this
and so I call him up I said hey Rick um hey you got you know
really good friends with him came to Christ we did Bible studies at his
dealership and just a great guy great brother in the Lord and and so I call
him up and said hey Rick I said hey you got one of those RVs can I use it
because they have Indian Creek they have these you know these parking stalls for
RVs so yeah JD dude man I got thid brand-new RV I mean it’s got like zero
miles on it and you can drive it and I mean heater and I mean it’s got you know
all the amenities and hot water and you just hook it up and man you’re just
you’re going to just really enjoy this ride thank you so much Rick so my wife finds
out and I have never shared this in almost 20 years as a pastor I’ve never
well of course in the mainland they already knew it so didn’t have to share it
so my wife finds out that I’m going to take an RV and she’s like you’re going to take
an RV so yeah and our boys at the time were really small like four and two
years old Elias and Levi I said yeah I’m going to
take the RV I said I’m not I’m not sleeping the RV I said that’s fine I said I’m going to
sleep in the tent I said fine pitch your tip I’m sleeping in the RV and the boys
are gonna sleep with me said fine so there we are and you have to understand this
isn’t Hawaii we’re talking about this is northern
Idaho even in the summer it gets cold so here I am oh it’s just we just got
done worship you know we had a great worship great teaching and and you know
by the campfire with our youth group and so it’s time to you know tuck in and
everybody’s putting their tents up and getting in their tents and hard ground
you know but yeah we’re going to sleep in the tent I’m like okay night nighty come on
boys so I shut the door to the RV and I’ve got that I get the master suite
where I sleep and I mean it was so nice and comfortable and I and I told my wife
I said honey if you get cold and you can humble yourself I’ll let you come in I’m
not going to come in that RV over my dead body
2:00 a.m. who is it anyway I just I don’t like camping where were we oh yeah
so you’ve got a fire a camp fire okay and this thing is going to go out why
because there’s no more wood so is a contentious man to kindle strife in
other words there are those who will keep putting more wood on that fire and
they’ll keep stoking it and keep kindling it and keep it going
that’s what a contentious person is and we’re going to see this oh I completely
skipped over to verse 21 and should they should go together where there is no
wood that got really excited about my camping experience where there is no
wood the fire goes out and where there is no tale bearer strife ceases you want
to stop striving and gossip stop putting another log on the fire and
it’s going to go out you keep putting the log of gossip
on that fire that thing’s going to keep burning as long as you do now verse 21
as charcoal is to burning coals and wood to fire so is a contentious man to
kindle strife and let’s while we’re at it verse 22 talk about those who gossip
and tell tales the tale bearer the words of a tale bearer a gossiper if you
prefer are like tasty trifles and they go down into the inmost body oh my
goodness they’re so juicy so delicious you got some juice you
got some gossip ah oh it’s so we we have an acquired taste for that innate
within us and it’s so delicious and we eat it up verse 23 along those lines
fervent lips with a wicked heart or like the earthenware covered with silver
dross in other words in verse 24 should go with it actually so should verse 25
and 26 how about we read them he who hates disguises verse 24 he who hates
disguises it with his lips and lays up deceit within himself when he speaks
kindly do not believe him for there are seven abominations in his heart though
his hatred verse 26 is covered by deceit his wickedness will be revealed before
the assembly so let’s go back to verse 23 you know the earthen wear it’s
coated that Teflon coating it covers up what’s really underneath that’s what the
proverb is saying like earthenware that it’s covered it’s got a nice you know
covering and coating but what it’s covering up underneath is wickedness
wickedness in the heart there there’s this disguising it with the lips this
deceit within them and and when they speak oh it’s so
smooth and flattering they speak kindly don’t don’t you believe it for there are
seven abominations in his heart you know it’s very rare maybe you’ve had it
happen to you but it’s very rare that someone’s going to come up to you and just
not cover up how they feel about you and they’ll say so to you I hate you I don’t
know if you ever had that happen to you I hate you I mean they’re they’re not
covering anything up now there are people they might hate you but they’ll
never approach you like that they’re going to cover it up they’re going to disguise
it they really hate you and it’s covered by their deceit and here’s the thing and
this is the promise verse 26 it’ll eventually come out and be revealed and
exposed here we’re told it will be revealed before the assembly and this is
and we’re going to talk about this when we close this is one of those truths one
of those principles Jesus said it like this as a man you know speaks they speak from
the abundance of what’s in their heart from the abundance of one’s heart the
mouth speaks eventually it’s going to come out you
know eventually you’re going to be found out I mean you’re trying to cover it up
you’re trying to hide it you’re trying to disguise it but it’s going to come out
sooner or later verse 27 I love verse 27 because it reminds me of
the book of Esther says whoever digs a pit will fall into it and he who rolls a
stone will have it roll back on him again a principle that is a truth in
God’s Word and really to me one of the best examples is in the book of Esther
with this Haman who had built these gallows not not to hang don’t imagine
that there like the hangman you know that you draw
these were these were long spikes that would I’m really no wonder our dog
vomits I mean they would impale you on these gallows and here Haman has
built these gallows for Mordecai and he cannot wait until Mordecai whom he hates
with a hatred a satanic hatred he cannot wait to impale him on these gallows and
who ends up being impaled on those very gallows that he built for Mordecai
Haman and his sons on the very gallows that he had built verse 28 lastly kind
of the same type of dynamic a lying tongue hates those who are crushed by it
and a flattering mouth works ruin be very careful with flattery be very careful
there’s a difference between flattery and honoring somebody in
other words you can say to somebody you know I have such respect
for you but there’s a difference between that and just empty flattery because
usually flattery has an ulterior motive you’re you know sort of buttering them
up flattering them because you want something from them and again there’s
deceit at the root of it a lying tongue hates those who are crushed by it and a
flattering mouth works ruin it can cause so much in the way of damage and
destruction okay what a chapter right well I want to close with a final
thought here concerning this chapter it’s what really stands out to me here
in this chapter and it has to do with this principle of sowing and reaping the
fool sows and then the fool reaps the wise sow and the wise reap I mean that’s
the principle and it’s one of those principles that you don’t break it
breaks you you go up against it you don’t break it it breaks you it’s that
famous story about two lights in the ocean at sea and one radios ahead to the
other and says hey I’m you know so and so the captain of this ship we’re headed
for a collision you need to change course and then the response comes from
the other no you need to change course Oh me no you need to change course I
mean this goes back and forth and finally the the final response no you
need to change course you know why because I’m a lighthouse how about that
oh yeah I guess won’t be changing course now because if we collide I’m the one
that’s going to sink not the lighthouse and that’s what these principles are
like you go up against them and you’re the one that’s going to reap Galatians
chapter 6 verses seven and eight
Paul writing to the churches in Galatia says do not be deceived God cannot be
mocked a man reaps what he sows whoever sows to please their flesh from the
flesh will reap destruction and then conversely he flips it around
whoever sows to please the Spirit from the Spirit will reap eternal life let me
say one last thing whatever you pursue will pursue you let
me say the same thing in a different way that which you pursue the seeds that you
sow that is what is going to come back on
you if it’s sowing seeds of righteousness then it bears fruits of
righteousness if it’s sowing seeds of unrighteousness those seeds are going to
germinate and sprout and eventually they’re going to bear fruit and if you sow
righteous you reap righteous if you sow to the flesh you reap the flesh God is
not mocked you’re going up against the rock of God’s lighthouse if you will
why don’t you stand and will pray and Lord willing next week we’ll pick it up in
chapter 27 Lord thank You so much again thank You for Your Your Word and all the
wisdom really life-changing wisdom if applied to our lives just truth I mean
this is this is the word of truth and it can really free us we know the truth and
we apply the truth the wisdom and it can set us free from the consequences of our
own folly Lord I thank You I just pray now that as we bring the Bible study to
an end that it will not be the end of what we’ve seen here tonight that You’ll
take it from here by the Holy Spirit as You apply it to our lives we pray in
Jesus name Amen