The USB Audio Interface I Use | Audient ID4  overview | Music Nerd Revolution

The USB Audio Interface I Use | Audient ID4 overview | Music Nerd Revolution

September 11, 2019 4 By Kailee Schamberger

– Recently I bought an audio interface. I have used it for a couple of months and I want to share my
feelings about it, coming up. (happy theme music) Hello, my friend, I’m Alnte and welcome to the Music Nerd Revolution. Today I’m going to do a tech review on my audio interface I use. Give the like button a drum roll and subscribe if you haven’t yet. I have two setups of audio interfaces. One at home, and one
here in my studio room. At home I have this Audient ID4 and here in my studio room I have a Pro 2 HD system that is really old that I bought used from my
dear friend at the time. Before I bought my audient ID4 I had this Yamaha Audiogram
3 that I bought used. Why I mentioning this is because you can start record yourself
with your smartphone or cheaply used audio interfaces. Your gear should not be in the way for your creativity. Here is my Audient ID4, in the description I have a link where you can decide if the price range is right for you. It have two channel input that is combined with XLR and the 6.3 milometer jack. It have a USB 2.0 and records in 24 bits and up to 96 kHz, discrete
JFAT instrument input on the front JFAT stands for junction field affect transistors. Main speaker output, two 6.3
milometer jack in the back. Monitor mix and monitor padding function. Powerful headphone amplifiers
with independent DAC. DAC stands for digital to analog converter and it converts digital
signal to an analog signal. It has two headphone outputs,
one 6.3 milometer jack and one 3.5 milometer jack. The ID4 has scroll control
that can be integrated to, it’s desktop housing
is entirely of metal. It also have 48 volts over phantom power that can be powered by USB, the dimensions 133 times
120 times 40 milometers. The weight is 740 grams, a
USB cable is also included. And here you have a better
look at the audio interface. (upbeat pop music) Okay, I hope you have enjoyed this tech review of the Audient ID4. I would love your feedback
and comments below. Subscribe and ring the
bell if you haven’t yet. Until the next time have
a great songwriting time. (upbeat theme music)