The War of Talent |  Episode 2 | MOON ON MISSION

The War of Talent | Episode 2 | MOON ON MISSION

November 16, 2019 69 By Kailee Schamberger

“The War of Talent” World’s first Theatrical Reality Show It has 36 entertaining stories that will make
you laugh and put you emotional at different instances. Along with a bunch of 40 Original Songs. Actors, Singers, and Dancers auditioned
from 40 cities, all over India will present the their talent, all together
on the same stage, at the same time. And these talents will be judged by
our outstanding trio. Ismail Darbar.
The moment I heard about it made me feel it’s quite different. Mugdha Veira Godse.
Acting, singing and dancing together on the same stage. Salman Yusuff Khan.
I’am sure, what we’re going to spectate Will keep our audience amused. So get ready!
Let’s see on the stage, episode no.2 And the contestants in this episode are, And the episodes will be given a magnificent
start by handsome model & actor Rahul Dev. A lot has been said and written about the moon’s beauty
since time immemorial. The moon is fondly called our Chanda Mama.
The married women’s ritual karva chauth revolves around the moon. Our muslim brothers celebrate
Ramazan after seeing the moon. But would you believe that the moon too
has to face problems like human beings? Unbelievable, isn’t it?
Come let’s watch our next act The Moon on Mission. Surya dev! Tell me, Dhumketu. I have something to discuss with you. Go ahead. I’m getting complaints from
small planets and stars. What’s the complaint? That Chandra Kumar aka The Moon
is not performing his duties honestly. I am aware. Sometimes he plays nudge wink
with clouds like small children and sometimes he whiles away
his time in romance with Chandni. Apart from this, Your Highness, Chandra Kumar
is least bothered about the copyrights of his name. The composers from earth use his name in the songs & lyrics. We get no royalty whatsoever in exchange. Your Highness! The Maker has gifted him
with unique beauty But, even after all these years he is unable to
wipe out the scar on his face. Do you know why? Why so? Because he is lazy. Chandra Kumar, now it’s your turn.
What would you like to say in ur defense? Surya Dev, even your name keeps featuring in songs and even in different items as Suraj edible oil or Suraj cinema. The earthlings have named their entire calendar
after the names of these planets. Then why is it that only i am getting blamed? But my name carries a lot
of weight, Chandra Dev. The sun has diminished and the moon has begun to simmer. Here too, it’s you being teased by them. Chandra Kumar, this time, you land on earth and
run an awareness campaign about your name’s copyrights. BUT! Remember, that this should, in no way,
hamper your day to day activities. We need earthlings’ satisfaction feedback forms
along with the proof of your landing on earth. Or else you’ll be thrown out of the association. Also, remember to complete this assignment
within two months. I’ll carry out your orders for sure, Surya Dev. But against this, will the associstion bare
the cost of plastic surgery of my Scar? Won’t they..? Let’s go Your Highness. Greetings Sarang Miya. Hello! I’ve changed the pre face of the song. oh i see. listen to it. Sure! The Moon is crazy. The Moon is crazy. who isn’t aware of his own beauty. The Moon is crazy. who isn’t aware of his own beauty. How did u like it? Sounds good.
Com’on, let’s try this out. Yes, of course. what’s this daaaa…. Gullu Miyan Say The fact is your pre face are good. but it doesn’t fit into the meter. Why don’t you follow the meter? Look sarang miya, I am fed up of this meter.
Ever since I’ve arrived in Mumbai, whether I take an auto rickshaw or a taxi,
everybody says the same thing. “will go by the meter.” This meter has left me flabbergasted.
This freaking meter is always on. Hello there. I’m the moon.
I’ve landed from the skies. Hi, this is Chandani here. Tell us. Gullu Miya, which angle do I look mentally retarded from? that made you write in your lyrics that The moon is crazy? Dude, I’m struggling with the meter
and you’re poking your nose in. Mind it! all you lyricists must stop using my name in your creations. “If only the moon gives a favourable opinion about us” what are you doing, miya? Why should i give my favourable
opinion about somebody? why do you drag me
in between your problems? The moon said something.
The night heard something else. The night and I were having this private conversation
and you chaps made it go viral? Please listen to us. Shut up and stay away too. These lyricists write simply anything and
you start composing it any random manner! for instance? I’ll have a moon like sweetheart.. ahhha
moon like sweetheart? For what? Is it necessary to write this? Can’t there be a bull like sweetheart? tell me. right through the month one night
i get a chance to show myself in fully glory. you guys have a problem with that as well. aauuuuchhhhh you come with lyrics. for example? Like… the 14th night moon. will the heroine turn a witch if your write 15th night moon,
16th night moon or 17th night moon? Oh really? What’s going on?
He’s freaking out a damsel like me. Sarang Miya, I think that he was playing the role
of the moon in some drama. They kicked him out. He’s gone nut-loose. you are being insulting. See Gullu miya. I am not playacting here. I am the real moon. Gullu miya, you are right. The moon has gone crazy. Listen to me. We are in the middle of composing a song. If we cannot compose this song, we will suffer a huge loss. Gullu miya, do me a favour. give me your autograph on this paper. Autograph? Sarang Miya, what do you say? First time in life somebody is asking for my autograph. Take it. Where do you want it? Over here. Gullu ji, give it. me too. yes you too. Where? Over here. I myself will write the name. Give my pen. Gullu miya, if somebody were to plagiarise your song,
how would you feel? I will feel pain. What else? then why don’t you take care of my copyrights
while using phrases like the moon is hiding behind the clouds? Dude, don’t drag me into this matter. What’s the matter all about? He’s sitting over there. go and talk. I’ll take his signature. Listen. be careful. My personal favourite song. I’ll get one autograph. Let me take your leave. Remember in your prayers. Tomorrow is karva chauth. I’ve to make preparations. I’ll have to look dapper. After all, all the women in the world
are going to take a close look at me. Only women. My wild heart is getting ready My wild heart is getting ready oh friend for who? oh friend for who? i am putting on a make up i am putting on a make up for my beloved sweetheart for my beloved sweetheart let me drench myself in love showers, let rain drops be my eyeliner let me drench myself in love showers, let rain drops be my eyeliner let no one come near me until i weave stars in my hem reverberations are being felt from head to toe. For who? I am so handsome for my beloved sweetheart. My wild heart is getting ready for my beloved sweetheart. My wild heart is getting ready How am I looking? Why not? Today is karva chauth. All the Indian women will take a look at you. You know what. Today I feel so jealous. I feel like engulfing you into darkness like the night of Amavas so that those Indian women cannot find you. No baby, you shouldn’t say such things. you’re spread far and wide across the globe. Sometimes in this verandah.
sometimes up there on that terrace. People love to bask in your glory. They love to touch you.
They sing hosannas of your beauty. Did I ever raise any objections? Okay sweetheart, now don’t get cross with me. What happened to your copyright assignment? I am in need of more signs. The Eid is round the corner. I’ll reach out to Muslims and close the chapter. I want the support of husband fearing
woman on the occasion of Karva chauth. It’s shining. It’s looking grand. The moon with the stars. Grandmother’s stories had fairies’ houses on the moon. Some call the moon uncle.
Some call the moon the saviour of their marriage. Some resort to the moon to seek cure of broken heart.
All stories abound. The moon waxes and wanes. Plays hide and seek.
With stars and planets. It’s shining. It’s looking grand. The moon with the stars. Hello there. I am the moon. I want a favour from you all. See brother. We’ve been fasting since 4 a.m.
We’ve eaten nothing. At this moment we want to see the moon
up there in the sky. We don’t want to see you. I am the moon from the sky. Listen to me. Come here. See, I empathise with your situation. You empathise with my situation. You are observing this fast with devotion,
dedication and faith for the long life of your husband. What if this particular wish of yours is granted? Oh then we will accept that you are the real moon
and not some weirdo. that’s great. I’ll ask my Baba Nirankar to pray
for the long lives of your husbands. Do me a favour. Give me your names along
with signatures on this paper. Okay. I have a request for you.
Never say that my husband’s bald head is shining like the moon. We will never do that.
My husband uses wig since his childhood. Did you sign? Yes Good bye Hey look up there. The moon is cited. Come fast. Surya Dev, two months are over. The moon is still missing in action. Paskal sir, the night of Amavas is about to set in. But I’m yet to see any transformation in your personality. Idiot, this is an experimental transformation
from human to animal. This is no child’s play. Now I’ve begun to feel like a lion. Sir, the moon has completely disappeared. The night of Amavas has officially begun. Hello there. I’m the moon. I’ve landed from the skies. The moon. From all the way up there? Hello mister. Why don’t you tell straight away that you’ve taken a cheap flight and trying to impress? Who are you? You fool,
why on earth are you interfering in my scientific experiment? I am not a fool. You are a fool. you’re taking advantage of the moon engulfed
in darkness and doing silly things. No harm comes to anyone on the night of Amavas. These are all myths.
You earthlings are maligning my name. Go to hell with your unwanted opinion. So sad. These morons might have landed on the moon
but their mindset is full of ignorance. Sir, i think that he is really the moon.
Look at his face. There’s a scar on it. You’re a smart girl. What’s your name? Ritika Do me a favour. Give your name and signature on this paper. What is written on it? That I’ve requested you to stop maligning my name. First become a proper human being. Then carry out this experiment of transformation
from human to animal. out Dhumketu ji… here he comes. please take this. Wonderful, Surya dev ji.
Chandra Kumar has worked hard this time around. The husband fearing woman
pampers the moon on karva chauth. muslims begin and end their fasts of Ramadan
to celebrate Eid after seeing the moon. This time around we are happy with you’ve done. Now tell us what you want. I want leave for six months. I want to travel to Switzerland with Chandani. Chandra Dev, yes you can never change. Your facial surgery stands cancelled. how was it judges? it was fantastic. all did well. but who did the best? so, i got impressed with one, Chandni NO, I am not talking about this Chandani. I’m talking about Chandani with tantrums
who was smitten by the moon. the acting was top notch. Wonderful! you did a lot of practice, it seems. It was awesome. the timing was good. for example when once the moon asked you
to shut up, you kissed over it. when something fell down, you told the moon to stop it. you rocked it. and my wounded lion, you did extremely well. very good. and those who played the original sun and moon were looking real. thank you sir the moon was looking like the moon. And excuse me Chandani. I was expecting a lot from my Chandani. and Gullu miya you were looking like a real writer. thank you sir i just reminded you guys backstage, to put in more efforts in new songs. you must perform them well. the song was composed very well. it’s a big challenge. work hard. the other one, Solo song was sung better. Rahul ji, overall the act was good. we enjoyed. it was really very refreshing. will see you later Chhandni!! Mugdha, what do you have to say? Rahul, after watching this act, it feels so refreshing today. Guys, it. The act was good. Thank you ma’am, thank you you rocked it. the set was good. Chandani is looking very pretty. Let me tell you that you are very beautiful. You know what I found the most interesting is the fact that the sun and moon are talking in English. And my God. These girls. What a dane performance! Do your backs have springs? Looks like they are watching a lot of Tiger Shroff these days. They’re jumping up and down. Keep it up. We enjoyed. The director of this show They look alike. Do you know Rahul ji? I think that so many mysteries are lurking around.
There are many look alike. I’ve heard that the producers of this show are twins. Yes, yes Looks like this show is going to create history. Of course it’s going to create history. salman the imagination was spot on.
Full marks to the writer for this imagination. I see a lot of potential in the actors. There was a beautiful princess in the performance. They worked well on flexibility. Their performance was tight. am excited for all of you. and I think that it’s a great start. So you saw that the way the moon was successful
in its mission, our actors were successful in their acting. That said, Ismail sir didn’t find 100 % in singing. But little girls won our hearts through their dancing. Having said this, as per the format of this show, we will come to know in the end of the season as
to who is the real hero of today’s act. Till then keep yourself busy guessing about
the best performer. And wait eagerly for the next episode., In our upcoming story we will see what kind of a pretty flower
blossoms in the dry waste. Keep watching the war of talent.