The War of Talent |  Episode 3 | SUKHA KACHRA

The War of Talent | Episode 3 | SUKHA KACHRA

November 17, 2019 29 By Kailee Schamberger

“The War of Talent” World’s first Theatrical Reality Show It has 36 entertaining stories that will make
you laugh and put you emotional at different instances. Along with a bunch of 40 Original Songs. Actors, Singers, and Dancers auditioned
from 40 cities, all over India will present the their talent, all together
on the same stage, at the same time. And these talents will be judged by
our outstanding trio. Ismail Darbar.
The moment I heard about it made me feel it’s quite different. Mugdha Veira Godse.
Acting, singing and dancing together on the same stage. Salman Yusuff Khan.
I’am sure, what we’re going to spectate Will keep our audience amused. So get ready!
Let’s see on the stage, episode no.3 And the contestants in this episode are, And the episodes will be given a magnificent
start by handsome model & actor Rahul Dev. Should we punish others for somebody else’s mistakes? is it justified? Friends, come let’s see how a wrong step can damage others’ lives. In our next act “Sukha Kachra” “Dogs Barking” “baby crying” Hey, anyone around? Ayone around? Oh my god. What’s going on? You gave this orphan one more orphan. don’t even know how to calm down this toddler. Nobody can understand the pain of this flower from the soil. No love for this flower even if it works hard Nobody can understand the pain of this flower from the soil. Every day he’s crying bitterly Orphanage is the home and footpath feels like the Taj Mahal Every day he’s crying bitterly Orphanage is the home and footpath feels like the Taj Mahal In dreams new hopes come alive and put a smile on lips Nobody can understand the pain of this flower from the soil. Nobody can understand the pain of this flower from the soil. No love for this flower even if it works hard Nobody can understand the pain of this flower from the soil. let me do one thing. I’ll leave this baby in the
cradle of the nearby orphanage secretly. Looks like this toddler realised that it has
reached its destination. This is why it stopped wailing. Wait, Sonu. What are you doing? You fight with God everyday for making you an orphan. You are angry with your parents
for having given birth to you. Then why are you pushing this toddler onto
the same path as yours? What are you waiting for? Take her to the nearest police station. and yes, who so ever threw her into garbage, make them bare the harshest punishment. I’ll take it to Jadhav sir. He knows me well. he will understand me Wow Sonu! You wipe clean cars and sort out waste. How come you possess such a noble thought process! I always tell you that Sonu is the offspring of some big shot. You’re right, Sunita. Only big shots can do such things. First satisfy your lust and then fill up orphanages. Sir, this toddler must never be sent to an orphanage. And please give the harshest punishment
to those who threw it away in the dustbin. Don’t take tension. Opposite this dustbin there is a jewellery showroom. The CCTV of that showroom is on round the clock. Look here. Do you get it? Lets go See Ms Riya Chaudhry. CCTV footage clearly shows that you threw
away this toddler into the dustbin. Do you confess to this crime or should we use
third degree on you to extract confession? CCTV footage. my foot. They are blurry. You can see my car in them but not me. CCTV footage is not blurred. But your vision is blurred. Your vision clearly sees the things that it wants to see. Miss Riya, once the prayers are performed, the mosques
and temples become empty. But, because of people like you our orphanages
are getting crowded day by day. Sir, please hand over Riya to me. I’ll straighten her out. What does she think of herself? Riya ji, look at Sonu. He’s an orphan. He has so much of humanity that he rescued
your toddler from hungry dogs out there. We take in pride on ourselves by considering
ourselves as educated family men. If the truth be told, we are the real orphans since humanity is no longer alive in us. Sir, we should subject her to the DNA test. The truth will come out. This is my toddler. That Anand Oberoi outraged my modesty by giving me false
promise of marriage. Then he ditched me. To teach him a lesson and to blackmail him
I got pregnant on purpose. But as luck would have it, he died in an accident. What should have I done? Where should have I taken my toddler? That’s why Every time I look at my toddler, I am reminded of Anand. This was the reason why I dumped my toddler into a dustbin. Strange. To take revenge you got rid of this innocent
bundle of joy by treating it as a dry waste. Now what’s your intention? If you take your toddler back under your custody,
we won’t book you under any charges.. or else… Sorry sir. Forgive me. I realise my mistake. It is my toddler. I am ready to take her under my custody. But there’s a request for you. A request? I need a caretaker for my toddler. You can hire anyone out there. It’s not my lookout. No sir. I want that boy to be its caretaker
who gave him a fresh lease of life. also like to adopt Sonu. Riya ji, think over it. Then take a call. You rich people often make hasty decision.
When you realise your mistake, you commit one more mistake. No sir. I am not like that. You’re the official caretaker of Sonu. Will you spare me if I do something to him? Sonu, the ball is in your court. Sir, although I am illiterate, I can see through this gimmick. Today she’ll adopt me. Then over a period of time
I’ll be reduced to a servant from an adopted child. Sir, Other than confining
myself within four walls of a palace as a slave. I’d rather roam freely and breathe fresh air out there. Have a great day, sir. Riya ji don’t you feel as if the whole world were with Sonu
and you were an orphan? Over to our judges. Mugdha, your take? The concept was really nice. It was both well written and well presented. As for acting, all did well. Hardik, you did really well. Twinkle, you did well. You could have done a little better. After all, very fine. The best was your dance, ma’am. Thank You ma’am. You danced that well. Your expressions were really different.
Very nice. You did extremely well. You song and your sonorous voice made
the act livelier. It was really good. Thank You ma’am. At some points the concept was really touching. It had nice twists and turns. Very good.
Really nice. I enjoyed it. The composition was also very nice. It was correct. So bravo guys. All the best. Very good. Thank you. Ismail Bhai, what would you like to say? First and foremost, give the music director a big hand.
For Anand Singh and Nidhi Sharma. And Vaibhav, you sing really well. Thank You so much Sir You have a different style of singing. Your voice has that feel. Your high notes and low notes sound good.
You have that voice traction as well. Your throat is good. If you practice more and if you work harder,
you’ll do even better. your future is bright. All said and done, god bless you, Thank You Sir Madhumeeta Roy, what’s up? Thank you sir  she knows to say thank you.. very cute Madhumeeta  Thank you ma’am, You didn’t dance well. she didn’t say thank you. she’s smart. i thought she would thank us like a parrot. She danced so well. She deserves a big hand. The story touched the heart. The writer did a good job. Parag presented it so well. The casting as per the story was perfect. Excellent. God bless you. Salman, your take on this act. This complete act as looked great because of teamwork. The War of Talent is purely based on Team work
wherein, three different genres come together to create magic. Alongside, such talented contestants are here,
if the start is so awesome, what could one expect by the end. In life, money is not everything. the same is depicted here. This was its beautiful essence. What more can I say?
Suffice it to say that it touched my heart. Madhumita, you rocked. You have that aura. Thank you Sir The pain the act had was there in its singer’s voice.
Very well performed. very well played, very well written,
very well executed. Over all a very good act, thank you. As you all watched that little Madhumita left
everyone mesmerised with her dance steps. The actors, singers, dancers, writer and music director received full appreciation from the judges. Having said this, as per the format of the show, we will come to know in the end of the season
that which contestant could impress the judges the most. By the time, keep guessing the name of the best performer
and get recharged for another amazing act in the next episode Because, into our next act, Mansi
will be narrating a special story. if you want to listen to it, Keep watching, The War of Talent.