TOILET PAPER SPIT BALL BLASTER!  *Trick Shot Battle & World Records*

TOILET PAPER SPIT BALL BLASTER! *Trick Shot Battle & World Records*

August 14, 2019 0 By Kailee Schamberger

one go what is up everybody welcome back to
channel hope you were doing well this video is not sponsored we were just at
the store and we saw this toilet paper blaster and we couldn’t help but buy it
today is an episode of world record Wednesdays which means we’re gonna break
or set some world records we do that every single Wednesday make sure you
subscribe you haven’t yet but first let’s test out this thing
this was actually Cassie’s idea so I let her do the unboxing most wives wouldn’t
ask their husbands to please purchase the toilet paper blaster but I thought
you can raise this so I dropped it apparently a little bit simply required Wow so waters in there toilet papers
here feeds into that and now it’s ready to shoot let’s test it out go against
the window oh that one almost got there this thing says 30 feet maybe it’s just
getting the kinks out Oh laddy one so it doesn’t shoot perfectly every single
time but when it does shoot it shoots pretty nicely let’s do a little
challenge so we’ve got three targets this one is worth one point this middle
one is worth 3 points this one is worth 5 points cats and I are each going to go
5 times whoever has the most points at the end of 5 turns
wins and the loser gets shot in the face in slow-mo with the toilet paper gun as
here at first Oh little short wait I got it it’s not
above it but look at this half of my spit ball went up there and half hit the
target that’s one point today’s world records are all gonna stick with the
toilet paper theme one of my Guinness World Records is involving toilet paper
and balancing it on my head but I looked on record-setter last night to try to
find some more toilet paper world records and I found a couple others I’m
pretty confident I can break the first record I’m gonna try to break is most
toilet paper rolls balanced on your hand so I’ve done it on my head but the
record is 17 a tower of 17 on your hand you have to balance it for 10 seconds
for it to count let’s try Brown for the world record ready ready this is
bringing back bad memories those of you guys who’ve been watching world record
wins it’s for a while we’ll remember the video I didn’t throw d.smith so that was
still 10 short of the world record that a pair did in 30 seconds okay if I make
that’s literally I made impossible anything with tornado so what I was
trying to say is about that toilet paper world record video didn’t really go as
planned but we still made some good stuff out of it so let’s try this again
we got it this records a little higher that’s hot
sometimes I see a world record I’m like yeah I can do that first try
and then I’m humbled all right really see my head yeah not a
boy we did it all you really did the hard part none of them enough
I’ve been going way longer than way longer than ten seconds the new world
record you’re consistent going for the medium one is it count no no it is
touching the target come closer show the fans that I’m not a liar it is
touching the target that means I have four points oh oh you definitely it was
kind of a shotgun approach this is you that was you but also that counts you’re
double counted so mine does too yep one one you’ve got one I’ve got four
I want to get that small target did he do it did he just do that are you
kidding me what can I say I’ve trained in the art of toilet-paperers shooting
for many many years many moons that’s not true there’s literally no possible
way for me to win so I am upping the stakes last round is double or nothing
like double points double points or double punishment like it gets you shoot
you twice in the face double points double points alright so that means if
you get if you hit that one you get ten points which means you win maybe you were kind of close that means I get
to shoot Cassie in the face with the spit block in super slo-mo another
record Cassie is now going to attempt even if you don’t get it’s another
pretty impressive one but if you if you didn’t you don’t get it it’s gonna be
funny to watch or try and that is the fastest time to unravel entire role
imagine that I have to like piece so badly that I’m frantic that’s one way to
do it the record is four point two eight seconds so you got to be really quick
three two one go oh not quite I was a little little over five seconds but I
think I think I can do that I think you can do this one go seven seconds we’re
gonna try it one more time I don’t want to keep wasting all this toilet paper
I mean we’re gonna use this yeah I’m just gonna take it home and just set it
set it by the toilet and people can just grab the pile of toilet paper when they
need to wipe their butt still over five better luck next time
Cassie we were gonna find some world records for you I promise okay you were
a talented woman and I love you thank you for being part of this I love you
sorry for that everyone but now I was looking through all the toilet paper
world records and it was not looking for a juggling record but I found the world
record for most toilet paper rolls juggled and couldn’t help myself
it is only four so surely I can do five a good way to finish this video
besides the the slow-motion of shooting Cassie in the face with this pitfall gun
so yeah that’s coming too so let’s let’s try to dribble five both the pearls this
really would just probably would have made a good section of a will it juggle
video but I guess we’ll have to come up with other things we’ve got another will
it juggle coming soon so make sure you guys subscribe
will it juggle is where I try juggling crazy things that you guys comment so if
you haven’t yet go watch the last episode and leave a comment for crazy
things I should try and rebel here we go with some toilet paper the hard part is
definitely gonna be the start I believe in you I mean good for you it’s impossible almost a little bit more stylish idea yeah oh yeah I don’t work ok I need 10
catches for it to count as a qualifying juggle but oh no I dropped the too much
I think think you definitely can say you did it
what oh how come that dribble and then just bust up wait how does it get so
easy I always wonder if people just like randomly find my videos and didn’t know
that I was a juggler and then are just kind of confused by parts like this
there you have it new world record now it’s time Cassie
for your favorite part is video Cassie’s going selfie on the slow-mo
camera here’s the gun let’s give it a shot
literally how’s it look I hope it looks good cuz I don’t want to do that again thanks so much for watching one we’ve
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