Vehicles Units Statistics,  Pros & Cons – Red Alert 2 [YR]

Vehicles Units Statistics, Pros & Cons – Red Alert 2 [YR]

July 31, 2019 21 By Kailee Schamberger

unit reporting high-speed low-drag good to go waiting orders we will bury their you retain division gonna make some scrap metal this sir is our IFB it is a multi-purpose Raider capable of boosting the standard weapon capabilities of any infantryman inside the withers this is our new robot tank since it has no driver it can't be mind controlled by yury it's only weakness is that it's linked to the robot control center if the center goes down all robot tanks are inoperable this is the demo truck is a truck loaded with explosives get the truck into an enemy base and when they destroy it it will explode causing major damage to their base sir our new battle fortress crushes enemy armor that crosses its half while it carries our soldiers to battle plus everyone inside can fire from its many kind of works commander I think you're gonna like this one it's einstein's prison tech on wheels boys of the lab color to prison tank careful not to burn yourself the v3 launcher has extreme range of abilities coupled with devastating damage potential destruction of guaranteed just don't leave it undefended sir URI is deploying a new unit called the magnetron it can generate a powerful electromagnetic field that can drag our tanks towards it I have something very exciting for you commander it is called my Mirage tank it has the wonderful ability to take on the exact appearance of any organic object targets observe under fire for destruction maximum power the german tank destroyer was designed to punch through vehicle armor it's effective against enemy tanks but it does very little damage to buildings commander I've established an uplink with spice at it should be coming online as we speak wait wait apocalypse takes on the role be careful sir the appropriately named apocalypse tank is war in a can it can attack any ground or air targets and be expected to be the last unit standing you relocating construction site for URIs army where do you want set up for URIs army where do you want set up where do you want set up relocating construction site where shall we make [Applause]