Who Am I | Leon Fontaine 2020

February 22, 2020 0 By Kailee Schamberger

we want to welcome everyone else joining
us the other campus is the spring stir is great to have you with us and God’s
going to do some great stuff right through that screen father thank you for
your piece thank you for the presence of God that is here lord I ask that you
guide the words that I say I pray that every heart would be open to Holy Spirit
to speak to them that the word grow them up and help them not to be offended but
father to be raised up by Spirit of God to a whole new level I pray this in
Jesus name Amen I want to talk today about Who am I Who am I you know
Christians isn’t actually what we were called Christians was what they first
started calling followers of Christ in Antioch up until then the word that I
find that is used in the scripture to follow those who after the cross
believed on Jesus is believers I like that I love that because it’s believers
because today we live in a world where everybody is just trying to minimize
things you know yes I know that we should believe but Leon it’s the human
condition it’s just the way human beings are and we literally talk our way out of
a level of living that we are called to and actually few Christians will walk it
out their reason that Christianity isn’t exploding around the world is because
it’s not really attractive to the neighbors that live beside Christians
and if we want to see revival quote-unquote if we want to see a great
move of God quote-unquote it’s gonna start with on the inside of us a passion
for Jesus and a faith that believes him for things like this world has never
seen before we’re called believers were not called doubters we’re not called
double minders we’re not called barely get buyers
we’re called believers well believers in what Jesus Christ and the finished work
of the cross he’s the one that said the life that you’re living it should be
about Jesus I’ve come that you might have life and that you might have it
more abundantly and so we need to be people in first
Timothy 4:12 there’s a phrase there and Paul was talking to Timothy and he
saying listen to me don’t let anybody come against you because you’re just
young and you’re believing God for things well if anybody despise your
youth then he says contend for the faith he literally meant fight for what you
believe don’t let anybody around you wish you wash you out don’t let the
doubters and the naysayers and well I do somebody they tried the faith thing and
it didn’t work so built but and contend for the faith now some people have
washed that verse down to mean it just means like be a Christian well cool
but what kind in Acts chapter 5 and verse 14 it talks about believers being
added to the Lord on a regular basis and so we’ve got to understand something
I’ll give you the wrong scripture there but we’ve understand that we are
believers that we are called to follow Jesus and we’re called to live like him
but anytime you start talking to someone about living at a at a divine level of
life a divine level of Finance a divine level of peace a divine level of joy a
divine level of health and strength and vitality you’re always gonna get
somebody so like are you saying and it just it all gets talked down until we’re
just another earthling walking on the planet rather than have inion who is
here passing through knowing that Jesus is our Lord so we’ve got to contend for
this faith we’ve got to fight for this faith it’s Jude action chapter 1 verses
3 to 4 that says contend for the faith it’s first Timothy 6:12 that says fight
the good fight of faith was he talking about he doesn’t mean we’re gonna fight
Devils doesn’t mean we’re gonna fight cancer doesn’t mean we’re gonna fight
poverty no no it means just fight to stay in faith fight off all of the the
encroach of beliefs and all of this lukewarm
stuff that pushes at you from the people around you from the believers around you
when you look at the people of old and you go to Hebrews chapter 11 what did
these men do they would conquer kingdoms and the Bible says by faith they would
raise up families for generations who lived by faith and prospered and obeyed
God and serve God Timothy is an example even in the New Testament where Paul
raised up this young man and he said the faith that’s in you is in your grandma
and it’s in your mother there’s something about faith that infects every
generation of your family we need to be people who are believers it says by
faith they raise back their dead who died it says by faith they martyred
their lives and said yeah kill me I don’t care because they knew that’s what
God wanted to do in that situation it says that by faith when you read the
word they took over cities they took out cities they built Inghams one man would
rise up and build a financial empire like Solomon there’s something about
this their faith that touched the world Paul went out and literally touched the
then known world one man took the gospel to the then-known world so what is it
about us in today’s world that the biggest thing we’re trying to do by
faith is get rid of our headache Abraham was the father of those who believed hebrews chapter 11 verses 1 to 3 before
it starts talking about all these great men and women who died and the Bible
says they still died in faith there were things they were believing God for they
didn’t see father time was up they went home to be with Jesus and mostly it’s
talking about the Messiah this prophecy that God made that the seed of this
woman is gonna bruise his head do you know that the New Testament is just a
rewrite of the old one things Paul just thought it all up
are you kidding me the New Testament sorry right of the old get an expanded
Bible and find every verse in the New Testament and where it’s pulled from
from the old as all of this Old Testament a prophetic doctrine was
buried in chapters and verses by prophets major prophets minor prophets
etc and then all of a sudden it all comes together as Jesus dies and then
Paul just puts it in order for us what takes place from the cross to the front
throne in Hebrews 11:1 it says faith what is it everyone thinks say no faith
I go so many places and I talk to people and I’ll hear this all the time well I
have faith but it didn’t happen what is your faith really mean and they think
faith is like the New Age positive thinking positive thinking positive
thinking is just your head having positive thoughts that’s not faith now
positive thoughts are cool I like them but it says now faith is the substance
of the very things we’re hoping for it is the evidence of what you can’t see
for by it the elders of old all the men and women of faith before us they are
obtained a good testimony by faith we understand that the worlds were framed
by the Word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of things
which are visible today I want to go to the most foundational teaching at the
very lowest not lowest but the very beginning level of faith what is faith
are you in faith are you growing in faith do you use faith are you a person
of faith do you believe or have you allowed this attack of of religion
that’s around us to question every miracle to question anything God wants
to do in your life what are we gonna hang on to are we gonna contend for the
faith of being a believer are we gonna fight to be a person that lives in faith
and believes God for the impossible because everybody before us believe God
for the impossible thank you you three all right let me read you a crazy story and we’ve
missed we’ve missed often what goes on here in mark 11 Jesus is walking with
the disciples Jesus remember is an example of how we should live if you
want to know see we don’t have an example of Adam and Eve before the fall
much of what they did so it’s hard to follow Adam and Eve so when Jesus came
to the planet God with us emanuelle he is he was all God and he gave up all
authority and power and that made him that special but and he became as a
human being and they continually called him and Jesus did not call himself in
the majority of the Matthew Mark Luke and John the son of God he called
himself the Son of Man this is very important so he is our example of how we
should function in the book of John Jesus says I’m going the Holy Spirit’s
coming and what I do shall you do also and greater things shall you do because
I go to the Father so we have to understand that Jesus as we talk about
Jesus you get what that was Jesus I’m tired of hearing that
well that was Jesus cool but he said you’re gonna do what I did and then he
didn’t go just joking we’re gonna set the goal so high we’re gonna set the bar
so high ain’t no one gonna hit it but you can follow it that’s that’s
ridiculous but religion will talk you out of a miracle religion will make you
grab all the things and the losses you’ve had hey I’ve had losses there’s
things I believe God brother haven’t happened there’s loved ones I’ve got who
went home early whatever example work why would we want
to back away from a faith life or being a believer a follower of Christ here’s
as follow Jesus now in mark chapter 11 in verse 12 the next day when they came
out of Bethany Jesus was hungry and seeing afar off a fig tree having leaves
he went to see if perhaps he would find something on
when he came to it he found nothing but leaves now Jesus wasn’t naive he didn’t
understand fig trees according to people I’ve spoken with when I was over in
Israel but fig trees got leaves that should have figs in this season so he
says he so when he came to it he found nothing but leaves for it was not the
season for figs and a response jesus said to it let no one eat fruit from you
ever again and his disciples heard now this sounds so innocuous it’s just like
walked up to a tree there’s no fruit on the tree and then Jesus says let no one
eat fruit from you ever again and the disciples heard it now mark 11 one day
later 24 hours now in the morning as they passed by they saw the fig tree
dried up from the roots and Peter remembering said him rabbi look the fig
tree which you cursed now he says the words of Jesus were a curse that you
cursed has withered away so jesus answered and said to them have faith in
God for surely I say to you whoever says to
this mountain be removed and cast into the sea and doesn’t doubt in his heart
but believes that those things he says will be done he will have whatsoever he
says therefore I say to you what sort of things you ask when you pray believe
that you receive them and you’ll have them let’s talk about this for a minute
Jesus is walking by this fig tree now don’t get caught up in the season and
should have been figs or whatever but all of a sudden he goes hmm no one’s
gonna eat from you anymore he didn’t stop and put all four fingers like some
Avengers and go I curse you in the name of Jesus no he just said a casual random
sentence seemingly he just goes no one’s gonna eat from you anymore
now why would Jesus curse a tree when it’s it says there it’s not in the fig
season well first of all he’s here to show us how to live everything that
Jesus does and that is recorded is an example for
us to learn who we are how to function in faith how to use the words that we
speak and a lot of people say you know faith I had a hard time with faith I
tried faith it didn’t work and I go okay well you’re really not going to get to
heaven then because the only way to get to heaven you know one person told me
one times well you know um I’ve confessed my sins and and I’ve cleaned
up my life it’s just so great to know I’m going to heaven that doesn’t get you
to heaven what gets you to heaven believing on Jesus the Son of God who
died and rose again for you it has nothing to do with cleaning up your life
and and doing all this self fix it up he’ll help you do that but that doesn’t
get you saved what gets you saved is believing it’s believing on Jesus Christ
as Lord and Savior and then you are a believer now you’ve literally got the
spirit of Jesus the faith the grace the righteousness of Jesus there it’s all
yours now if you don’t think the words that you speak are powerful then why is
there so much about words in the Bible Jesus just happened no one’s gonna eat
from you anymore I wonder sometimes if when we say things like oh the flu is
coming I guess we’ll get it yeah but Leon I didn’t have any faith in it oh
cool I wonder when we say things like yeah be nice one day to have a house
like that but I can’t imagine myself having a home like that with each of my
kids having a bedroom and having a yard to play and I guess we’ll be stuck in
our one bedroom with four kids and concrete bunker and a little five by
eight balconies uh yeah you know you know you know we think that the casual
talk has no impact no effect but here is the son of God and he is not going into
some kind of great big demonstration he is casually saying something as he walks
by a fig tree and he says no one’s gonna eat from you anymore and 24 hours later
when he comes in the thing has died and it hasn’t died from the top down like
trees do as infestation and bugs and fungus or whatever kills them from the
top down you can see this thing dying but it died from the roots up so one
portion of scripture in Matthew says the second Jesus spoke at the tree died
then the next one says they didn’t see it die for 24 hours well that’s because
the roots stopped bringing life to that tree and then it took a while for those
leaves to begin to fall off in this tree to be a have the appearance of death I
want to talk to you in the little time that I have about rediscovering faith or
have you even learned this topic of faith or are you one of those people
that well ha ha ha ha bless God I know but Leon you know sheep follow
goats but no wonder Jesus separates the sheep from the goats
because goats always got a but but a sheep goes I’m following Jesus what have
you got to lose is there anything better out there for
you to follow what are you gonna do you’re gonna follow you’re gonna go high
what you’re gonna do you’re gonna go moslem what are you gonna do you’re
gonna go Hindu what you gonna do you can go new-age are you all into this thing
called being a believer or aren’t you because if you are you’re probably
smarter to be all-in than just a little dab’ll do you too many Christians are
riding the fence and the fence hurts and the fence has no results I remember
shooting Gophers in Weld in Saskatchewan where my dad was a pastor for years and
we had too many Gophers and many fields and horses and would step in and break
them so they hated these things and they’d be digging up and muskrats and
things that would dig up the roads and put holes in the field so we just go
shooting them and getting rid of these things so they wouldn’t cause them to
break their legs and number one time shooting a gopher and he was getting
away so I just saw and I was leaning on this barbed wire fence with this 22 so I
backed up and I thought I’m gonna just jump this barbed wire fence and go catch
that baby so I jumped as high as I could went through this kind of little you
know a scissor we called it back then the high jumping and instead I landed
right on the barbed wires and you know but I’ve got that little twist in them
every so many feet that goes straight through your jeans and I was in pain
and I just I’ll never forget trying to untangle myself and anytime I think of
riding the fence when it comes to serving Jesus and not being all in on
one side or all in on the other side I think of that barbed wire fence in my
experience trying to jump it because you’re not called to be lukewarm
somewhere in the middle you have to be cold or you get hop because Jesus says
you just gonna spew you out of my mouth or in other words his principles won’t
work you will live this pathetic tepid pukey
life unless you decide I’m all-in for Jesus and when you do you begin to
believe what he says believe what he did believe what the Word says about him and
if we are believers then it requires us to believe believing is a verb it’s not
a noun it means it’s an action we’re to believe means we’re saying it acting it
believing it meditating studying so Jesus and the one thing I really want to
get across here is that too many people today think that casual conversation
doesn’t do anything to you and I’ve got news for you he casually commented on a
fig tree and the sucker died and then he says to us in John 14 15 and 16 those
three chapters are phenomenal as he teaches us how but wherever we go he
says that that you’re gonna do what I do now that means our words have power
that’s why life and death are in the power of your tongue that’s why James
teaches us that just like a bit in a great big thousand 2,000 pound horse a
rider can control that horse with just a bit controlling its tongue like the
rudder on a ship in the middle of a storm it says that rudder is your tongue
that the words that you speak and James it says that you can deceive your own
heart with your own tongue don’t tell me your tongue is not powerful
don’t tell me of the words you’re speaking every day and what what’s
happened is we’ve got people who all they’ve really got is fire insurance I
don’t want to go to hell I want to go to heaven give my life to Jesus believed on
him I go to church but now after that uh yeah you know I mean I’m just doing my
best God understands we have all this wishy-washy my dad called it all this
wishy-washy talk well doing what I can my bae sa is a human condition Hey I
mean doubts just a part of life we just do what we can Jesus understands I’m
gonna get to heaven and one day it’s gonna be great I know you’re missing
something here parents you need to be believers you
need to follow Christ with a sense of faith so the next generation sees that
you can believe God to conquer cities take out nations believe them for
businesses believe them for health and healing and to live long believed that
we can overcome if we don’t have this kind of a faith he Satan is trying to
relegate the church to believing for a few of our little needs wow the whole
world’s going to hell in a handbasket and one man used to change the course of
a nation in the Old Testament before Jesus even died on the cross and Hebrews
says we have a better covenant and we have better promises than the old one
yet men and women of old changed cities took out tribes determine the fate of
families for one man of faith would determine that generations of his family
would continue to serve God that faith just got passed on and they would tell
stories of grandpa and what he believed maybe you are the generation that is the
first born again our believe in God but be a person of faith that your kids will
see you I told my kids one day listen to me
so I’ll teach you how to believe God for things I’ll teach you how to believe God
for health I’ll teach you how to prosper and handle money and I’ll teach you how
to die that’s how serious this is I want my
kids afraid of death I don’t want them living their whole life with fear so it
grabs him and stops him from any kind of a risk for God I want him to know that
I’m not afraid of death I want to be an example so that like like Timothy who
his grandmother and his mother I don’t know what in the world happened to his
grandfather and his father but thank God for grandmas and grant and moms he had
the faith of a grandma that went on down I want you to know this is crucial this
is not just a matter of you having more money are you feeling a little bit
better this is an issue of faith this is a church of Jesus Christ
has been commanded to get up and to live by faith weird a walk in divine life zou
a life and if Jesus first lesson I’ll give you is that if Jesus in his casual
words can kill a fig tree and we want more of Jesus than be careful with your
words be careful who you gossip about who you accuse what you talk about be
careful about how you speak about your family yourself your your marriage your
spouse it doesn’t matter what you desire from God it’ll require faith valentine’s
day what a beautiful day to remind us of love and the remind us of romance but
I’ll tell you right now you can marry the most beautiful loving caring person
and if they don’t have a spirit of faith it’ll all be gone in a few years you
mean somebody with a spirit of faith you mean someone that’ll stand by my side
and believe me for things that are impossible because having a marriage in
our world seems to be pretty impossible but if you believe God you got a common
vision a common dream and as you believe the presence of God walks with you in
that you need to have a spirit of faith you need to make sure that faith is
something that you don’t just look at as well what’s your faith I’m Lutheran
what’s your faith on Pentecostal what’s your faith oh I’m a whatever no that’s
not we use the word faith that way the Bible does not the Bible uses the word
faith and believe as as this complete trusting in God trusting in God for what
you have to trust in God for what you’ve already got if you’ve already got a
doubting unhappy life do young to trust him for that you got it faith is the
substance of things you’re hoping for but we stopped hoping because no one
else has got it and I shouldn’t complain because my marriage is better than most
and I got I got enough money to pay the bills and and I guess you know it’s a
well I’m helping out here and there when I can at church and you know and we just
minimize minimize minimize lower the bar lower the bar lower the bar lower the
bar what about lifting the bar and believing God for that kind of a
relationship what about lifting the bar and believing God for help
what about lifting the bar and getting some energy what about
lifting the bar and actually giving to the kingdom of God tithes and offerings
what about believing that that business looking after you could look after a
thousand families and finance the kingdom and see tens of thousands come
to know Jesus Christ what is it about us that is minimized and lowered this bar
well something happened to me let me take someone like Joseph who was so
thrown into a pit by his own brothers sold into slavery and then literally was
a slave and then thrown into prison I mean this guy will edit rough and he
still rose to the top why because there had to have been a response of faith
this mean God has no favorites when it comes to faith
nobody’s been given more nobody has been given a greater ability to believe than
anybody else we are all given the measure we have all got the same Savior
we all had that same cross that Jesus died on and it paid for our sins it was
Jesus that made us all righteous it is Jesus and His grace that comes into our
lives there is nobody special so when you look at somebody and they’re just
going for it don’t get irritated don’t get well they
think there’s something special let it inspire you and say hey if God if God is
that Son Jesus come down and die for so we could get a life but I need to
believe because if you do not learn faith if you do not learn to believe God
properly the Bible says in first John 5 for this is the victory that overcomes
the world even our faith it does not say our prayer it does not say our love
it does not say our time in the word it does not say our time at church all of
those are important but it brings it to something that people have backed away
from and as I travel and speak with pastors and leaders and I bring up this
topic of faith it’s like they tried it couldn’t get it to work because the
Cadillac didn’t come within three confessions and so I’m not sure I
believe it anymore the words that you speak are continually
determining your future the Bible says that out of the abundance of the heart
the mouth speaks so if you go well I wasn’t adding any faith to that yeah you
don’t add faith too much when you talk you gotta love me now I want to stir you
up to understand that wherever you are wherever I am is so low compared to what
God has and we need to be examples for the next generation of how to get up and
live we need to be examples how to get up and have a spirit of faith which
means there’s a spirit of joy upon us that our kids can see it doesn’t go up
and down with the money with the flu with a new report on sickness with a
with someone else attacking us it doesn’t change one bit because I know
who’s I am and I know that he will see me through and my trust is in him and I
believe you see I believe I believe Jesus died on the cross I believe he
rose again I believe he took my sins I believe that my righteousness is a gift
I believe that he’s here to help me live beyond anything anyone else could
understand I believe I believe I believe don’t keep talking to me about yeah but
you’re yeah buts are hurting you yeah but I know somebody whoop-dee-doo we
live in a fallen world where doubt and the Bible says get the armor on because
there will be an evil day yes we’ve lost loved ones yes we didn’t we believe for
things that didn’t happen this is a war zone it’s not heaven yet kingdom of
darkness kingdom of light so we what do we do we pick up the sword of the Spirit
which is the word of God praying do you pray the word out loud well I I pray
quietly to myself well good for you because that’s not taking any authority
over all the demons of Hell you can see I’m a little worked up
I have to stop but I want you to know that get back into this topic of faith
begin to get into the word start with with beautiful scriptures like Mark
11:20 where he taught where Jesus does this fig tree thing and then he begins
to teach him about faith go to Hebrews 11 go on a search yourself
and begin to say I need to dig up some of the things I once believed the things
I used to contend for the things that I used to fight to believe the confessions
that I used to make every day and I’ll give you a one little hint in closing if
you want to see something change radically and quickly in your life take
every promise of God right now and make a decision but I’m gonna speak it out
loud I am gonna find my prayer time and I am going to pray the word because the
sword of the Spirit is the word of God praying and so get up in the mornings
when you’re in your car begin to declare whatever put my hand to prospers the
blessing of the Lord maketh rich and he doesn’t add any sorrow it my body is a
temple of the Holy Spirit and if the same strip and raised Christ from the
dead dwells in it it quickens my mortal body makes it alive in the name of Jesus
don’t be given just being to speak without passion an authority and declare
because faith is something that we must if we want to overcome anything that’s
in this world coming at us we do it by faith we don’t do it by begging we don’t
do it by bugging we don’t do it by getting fifty thousand churches to pray
for us there’s a thought you don’t find anywhere in the word where they had an
emergency and sent the word out to forty thousand churches to pray to get this
miracle they just doubled it on the spot because Jesus has given authority to one
individual person which is more than all of the authority of hell more than it’s
sickness more than it’s disease more than it’s poverty more than anything
hell would bring at you one individual has all authority you don’t need fifty
thousand people praying to get your miracle it’s already a done deal
according to Jesus Christ who’s given you all things that pertain to life and
God it is but we’ve developed this religious stick that I’m watching
everybody like a frog in a in a pot just slowly tepidly begin to
move away from our faith with all these cute little lines that we use this
contend for the faith let’s be a church that believes God in every area of our
life let’s be families it’s safe for generations my kids are gonna serve God
because they see the reality of Jesus what in the world would you want from
the world when Jesus blesses when he gives a life that is greater in every
area from finances to romance to the impact of the giftedness upon us let’s
contend for this faith let’s fight the good fight of faith that doesn’t mean
fight anything it means fight to stay in faith as everything around you tries to
get you to slowly give in to slowly well yeah instead let there be this fight on
the inside of you hey man amen let’s pray together praise You Lord father I
thank you for your presence I thank you that when Jesus came to this planet he
died so we could all be like him Galatians 2:20 says that I am crucified
with Christ nevertheless I live yet not i but it is Christ who lives in me and
the life that I now live I live by the faith of the Son of God who gave himself
for me father I pray that every person in this
church every person to the sound of my voice wherever it’s going it’s gonna
make a decision to live as a believer a follower of Christ and father we’re
gonna walk in the divine power that has already been established for us touch
each person here I pray I pray that whatever they’re facing because every
one of us is facing something every one of us is believing for something father
I pray that something would rise up within us and we would begin to keep the
Spirit of our mind renewed we would keep the spirit of faith and we would
continue to declare every day the promises of God I pray this in the
mighty name of Jesus and everybody in agreement said amen and amen